Film review: 52 Tuesdays is a fascinating journey


52 Tuesdays is a fascinating journey.

Billie loves her mother so completely that she supports her need to transition to become that man. Her devotion is tested when her mother asks her to move in with her father for a year while she goes through it. They agree that they will spend every Tuesday evening together.

This is a complicated time in Sophie’s life, she is a teenager and starting to explore her own sexuality and experimenting with drinking and drugs. Dad is a amiable but barely there so she left to own devices. She starts filming everything and that contributes to her some of the problems that she will encounter in the year.

Tilda Cobham-Harvey is heartbreaking as Billie, capturing the innocent hope and the confused anger of a teenager in crisis. Del Herbert-Jane as mother is also quite raw and real as a parent who is balancing responsibility for their child and for themselves.

Director Sophie Hyde has crafted a fascinating journey using real world events as bumpers between the journey of a parent and child trying to reach an authentic life.

52 Tuesdays. Directed by Sophie Hyde.  Screenplay by Matthew Cormack and Sophie Hyde.  Oct 04 9:00pm Rio Theatre | Oct 07 1:30pm SFU Woodwards.  Visit for tickets and information.

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