Review: Legion Blues

One of the great things about the Vancouver Fringe Festival is not only what can potentially happen on the stage but also what happens walking between venues, or in our case walking to our car.

As we walked intently talking about the show we had just seen, we were hailed by a bevy of volunteers inviting us in to see a show that was about to start in 30 seconds. Oh yeah, “and it’s really good” said another.

With a shrug, I pulled my theatre date into the venue just as the last of this year’s clever Fringe announcements were ending and the lights came down. As I sat down, I realized that we didn’t even have a chance to see the name of the show on the marquee out front. Turns out we were here to see Legion Blues, a 30 minute piece set just after the Second World War with the boys coming home and drowning their memories in too many visits to the local legion.

Legion BluesThis is one of those Fringe shows that you can actually see some real potential. The three young actors gave me a number of “goose bump” moments and with an expanded script, proper sets and lighting this piece is surely destined for greater things. And I can’t wait.

This one is a definite see if only to see where it started.

Legion Blues
Vancouver Interntional Fringe Festival
False Creek Gym, 1318 Cartwright Street, Granville Island

WWII is over and the Canadian boys have come home.  They’ve gotten degrees, jobs, married, and have settled down to raise their new families.  On Friday nights Paul and Ray go down to the Legion, drink beer, shoot pool, and talk about good times.  But in the shadows where they play a new conflict rages and the enemy is a friend.

Monday, September 14 @ 5pm
Friday, September 18 @ 7:45pm
Sunday, September 20 @ 6:20pm

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