Review (well sort of): Kicked and Dog Sees God

Contrary to popular belief, reviewing for the stage is not all about criticism.  One of the best parts in getting to write these reviews is to alert theatre-goers to the little gems that are out there competing for their entertainment dollars.  Kicked and Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead are two such gems.

Kicked and Dog Sees God

And because of the very nature of the of the Vancouver Fringe, with dozens of shows to choose from, it is not always possible to get to see everything and certainly not possible to see everything early enough to raise the awareness of some shows.  These two, playing at Pacific Theatre are case-in-point as their last shows happen today (Saturday, September 19) and I only just managed to see them yesterday.

So in an effort to help spread the word, if you read this and are looking for a couple of good shows as the Fringe winds down, consider these two.  Visit for information and ticket availability or simply show up at the Pacific Theatre for tickets at the door.  Kicked plays at 4:30pm and Dog Sees God at 8pm.

Now for those that might be expecting a little more insight into these two shows, I am going to have to apologise as it just isn’t going to happen.  As I write this it is already almost 10am and I still need to make my way over for a Noon showing of another Fringe show.  But trust me, if you’re still looking to fill your Fringe dance card tonight take a chance off the island and make your way to Pacific Theatre.  I’m pretty sure you will be glad you did.

And you trust me, right?


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