Review: Brown Girl in the Ring – challenging sushi

With credit to my friend Deb for the descriptor, Brown Girl in the Ring is indeed “challenging sushi”.  You know, that unusual little morsel that looks oddly appetizing but leaves you wholly unsatisfied?

Brown Girl in the RingThere is an interesting premise for a story hidden deep within the performance art here, the possibility of a black woman having some claim on the British monarchy, but the story gets  bogged down in the “art” so early on and for such extended periods that any sort of narrative was simply lost on me.

I had wished for more analysis of the history that Mason-John claims to exist.  Instead I got Odori ebi.

2 Out of 5 Stars Brown Girl in the Ring
Havana Theatre, 1212 Commercial Drive, Vancouver

Sunday, Sept 12, 5:45pm
Monday, Sept 13, 9:00pm
Tuesday, Sept 14, 7:15pm
Friday, Sept 17, 6:30pm
Saturday, Sept 18, 4:00pm

Visit for tickets and information.

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