Review: Wanderlust – a Fringe gem you don’t want to miss

Martin Dockery is someone that you immediately want to be friends with:  he’s funny, he’s intelligent and boy, can he tell a story.  He’s also someone you’d want to take home to mother, if only he was a relationship kind of guy.

WanderlustLeaving his New York Stock Exchange job behind, Dockery decided to undertake a five month journey through West Africa in his attempt to find his life’s epiphany.  It is the adventures on this trip that forms the basis for his one-man show, Wanderlust.

Never feeling scripted, Dockery has a natural ease that immediately draws us into his quest, with an almost magical elixir of humour, pathos and surprising insight.  We laugh at the man who talks to goats, cheer as he stands up to a Gambian conman, squirm at his intestinal misfortune and we walk away agreeing that, in sometimes being so concerned about how things are going to end, we are missing the moments that make up our lives.

Wanderlust is a Fringe gem that you simply don’t want to miss.

4 1/2 of 5 Stars Wanderlust
Watefront Theatre, Granville Island

Tuesday, Sept 14, 9:40pm
Friday, Sept 17, 5:00pm
Sunday, Sept 19, 1:30pm

Visit for tickets and information.

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