Being number two is way more fun

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As Vancouver’s second largest film festival, the organizers of the annual Vancouver Queer Film Festival are okay with that.

Vancouver Queer Film Festival“The Queer Film Festival has been entertaining, enlightening and challenging Vancouver audiences with thought-provoking films for 22 years,” said Amber Dawn, Director of Programming. “Between the ground-breaking films, community connections, and our infamous parties, it truly is a festival for everyone … no matter what team you play for. Come and find out why being #2 is way more fun than being #1.”

In addition to films, the 2010 Festival will also be home to topical discussions (including a panel on Vancouver’s recent gaybashings), innovative workshops and other special events. This year’s Queer History Project artist-in-residence showcase is the Chosen Family Portrait studio, where community members can put a queer twist on the traditional family photo.

Vancouver Queer Film Festival
12 – 22 August 2010

Vancouver’s 2nd largest film festival features 90 films from around the world, outrageous parties, performances and celebrations for all teams. Tickets go on sale July 17 at Little Sisters Book and Art Emporium (1238 Davie Street, Vancouver), and online at

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