Filmmaker Daniella Sorrentino throws the kitty litter door wide open

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For anyone that has ever lived with one, it is no secret that cats are the real masters of their domain.  And now filmmaker Daniella Sorrentino is about to throw the kitty litter door wide open to reveal that secret to the rest, as she presents Viral at the Vancouver Queer Film Festival’s The Coast is Queer.

Viral is about a struggling actor named Emma, who finds herself in competition with her girlfriend’s cat for both work and Jen’s attentions,” explained Sorrentino.

Written by Vancouver writer Mette Bach, who also directs B.A.B.S. as part of the same shorts program, Viral was created specifically for mutual friend and actor Mélanie Bray, who they knew would be in town, and who both had wanted to work with on a project.

A scene from Danielle Sorrentino’s Viral, part of The Coast is Queer at the 2011 Vancouver Queer Film Festival

Starting as an actor and a director in live theatre, Sorrentino made the leap to film for what she calls the “democracy and flexibility” that motion pictures allow.

“You can tell the story to the audience with much greater control,” she said.  “I can show them the smallest detail or the widest shot; I can play with time, sound.  The options are limitless.”

Citing the Vancouver Queer Film Festival as a crucial outlet for filmmakers like herself, Sorrentino says it provides the avenue to disseminate films and stories that may not necessarily be picked up by more mainstream festivals and provides greater latitude to the artists.

With two other projects currently in the works, including a feminist film-noir and a web series, Sorrentino is no doubt thankful for that latitude.  We just hope her cat approves.

As part of The Coast is Queer at the 2011 Vancouver Queer Film Festival
Saturday, August 20, 2011 at 9:30pm
Empire Granville 7 Cinemas, 820 Granville Street

Visit for more information.

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