Seminal is Bren Ryder’s dream project

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For some filmmakers, movie ideas can bubble around in their creative brains for some time. Vancouver filmmaker Bren Ryder is one such filmmaker, whose latest film Seminal will finally see its premiere as part of the 2011 edition of the Vancouver Queer Film Festival’s The Coast is Queer.

Bren Ryder“I’ve always wanted to do this story, ever since I started doing porn about four years ago,” said Ryder.  “It has always been my dream project to capture someone actually becoming inseminated with sperm.”

It wasn’t until about a year ago that, through her website, Ryder discovered that one of her performers wanted to become pregnant and agreed to be the subject of what she calls her “experimental documentary short”.

Initially filmed over a period of about a month in 2010, the footage sat on the shelf for about another year before Ryder began pulling it together.

“I wanted to make sure I did it justice,” she explained.  “It took some extra time for me to make sure I knew how I wanted to present it.”

That is where the experimental part comes in.  Visually different from most documentary films, Ryder uses split screens through the film with a mixture of talking and sex.

“The end product is neither boring nor titillating,” laughed Ryder.  “I was interested in playing with the documentary film style in how view the subject’s actions and how the interviews were presented.”

But more than just a chance to try her hand at something different, Ryder was also fascinated with the story itself.  “I wanted to be able to capture something that is very unusual and that people don’t get to experience on film.”

For Ryder, the Vancouver Queer Film Festival is not only the ideal venue for her experimentation but it also gives her a chance to show off to a local crowd just what can be accomplished in Vancouver.

“The Festival feels like the place where I can go to first and reveal the latest film I’ve been working and then take it out to the rest of the world.  Premiering it to a local audience is really important”.

As part of The Coast is Queer at the 2011 Vancouver Queer Film Festival
Saturday, August 20, 2011 at 9:30pm
Empire Granville 7 Cinemas, 820 Granville Street

Visit for more information.

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