Theatre (Vancouver Fringe) review: Does This Turn You On? doesn’t

When you ask a question you should expect an answer realizing of course that may not always be the one you want to hear.  Does This Turn You On? The short answer is no.

Does This Turn You On? at the 2012 Vancouver International Fringe FestivalThe longer answer is only slightly more complicated, as Val Duncan and Celene Harder serve up a clownish look at some of life’s lesser known fetishes or, for those a little more adventurous in the bedroom, finally knowing there is a name for that fetish you enjoy.

Introducing some twelve different fetishes – yes, I counted – with placards, Duncan and Harder then proceed to act each out.  Without words, except in the case of narratophilia (the word for sexual arousal from speaking or listening to obscene words), the duo interact with the objects of a particular fetish and emit sexual noises that quite frankly would make Meg Ryan laugh.  Wrapping it all within the clowning genre with its exaggerated pratfalls and gibberish, the piece loses any focus.

There is a germ of an idea here, but the fascination comes from the wild world of fetishism that includes things like amaurophilia (blindfolds), autassassinophilia (threatening situations) and fromiphilia (human furniture).  Forget about sending in the clowns.

Its saving grace is in its 30 minute runtime.

2 Out of 5 Stars Does This Turn You On?
Part of the 2012 Vancouver International Fringe Festival
8 – 16 September 2012

Visit for tickets and information.

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