Theatre (Vancouver Fringe) review: Gametes and Gonads fails to excite

Maybe it’s a gay thing, but Jeff Leard’s story of the quest for impregnation in Gametes and Gonads failed to excite me.

Jeff Leard in his one-man show Gametes and Gonads at the Vancouver International Fringe FestivalLeading the millions of sperm from the 156th Infantry of the Sperm Army of the Left Testicle, Captain Spunk and Colonel Gamete are on a mission to impregnate the single egg that is being prepared for its monthly ovarian sacrifice.

More an inner rather than inter galactic fight, playwright and performer Leard peppers his show with a wide variety of sci-fi references that will no doubt appeal to the nerds in the crowd.  And while there are some moments of hilarity, what is most impressive is Leard’s physicality; never stopping, he takes us through his 60 minute adventure at warp speed.  He is also a master of sci-fi sound effects that would put R2D2 to shame.

Somehow Gametes and Gonads ended up on our list of queer shows at this year’s Vancouver International Fringe Festival; I’m not sure that just because it includes penises and semen it qualifies.  Or maybe a lesbian audience would appreciate it as much as the heterosexuals in the audience did last night.

3 Out of 5 Stars Gametes and Gonads
Part of the 2012 Vancouver International Fringe Festival
11 – 16 September 2012

Visit for tickets and information.

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