Theatre (Vancouver Fringe) review: Fishbowl is a fun theatrical experience

Written and performed by the very twisted and outrageous Mark Shyzer the story concerns four seemingly unconnected people as they deal with isolation and loneliness. A nerdy science girl, a Goth young man, a multiple divorcee obsessed with her gay ex and a man dying in a hospital – each character is given an engaging clownish interpretation that is bold while still touching.

FishbowlThe writing is quirky and eccentric – the divorcée wants to get her pubic hair cut into a fashion design, the old man complains ‘I am going deaf not invisible’ while he tries to come great final words that don’t have to be true. The Goth kid doesn’t want to go to a family function “slash/party/slash/barbeque/slash my wrists”.

The alternating monologues go on too long without new revelations and I am not fan of under explained meta physics as a resolution to any story but the actor is so personable and his characters are as touching as they are funny that it makes for a fun theatrical experience.

Part of the 2012 Vancouver International Fringe Festival
Pick of the Fringe: Thursday, Sept. 20 at 9:00pm

Visit for tickets or for more information.

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