Bikesexuals make out on the silver screen

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Given Vancouver’s love affair with the bicycle, it should come as no surprise that the 2012 Vancouver Queer Film Festival will see the premiere of the short Freewheel  & Fixie, a love story on bikes from first-time filmmaker Lee Henderson.

A romantic musical comedy, Henderson describes Freewheel & Fixie as a film that “breaks the age barrier and counter-cultural pigeonholing and contrasts the mechanics and ergonomics of two kinds of bicycles and develops as a love story between two men”.

Lee Henderson and Mark Arsenal in a scene from Freewheel & Fixie
Lee Henderson and Mark Arsenal in a scene from Freewheel & Fixie.

Having written and performed live spoken word about bikes, Henderson, who is also known as “Fossilosopher” for his work with Dinosaurs Against Fossil Fuels, was originally looking to publish poetry in video format for bike shorts festivals like the Vancouver Bike Shorts Festival.

“My videographer friend Clark Nikolai suggested we turn these two poems into a romantic musical comedy by developing a song from one of the poems and by telling a love story through pictures,” he explained.   “We are gay bikesexuals, hence the story is gay.”

Describing bike people as “sexy and self-propelled”, Henderson hopes that audiences will not only see how sexy bikes and bike people are but will also challenge any hetero-normative attitudes when it is shown in bike shorts festivals.

Freewheel & Fixie

Screens as part of the 2012 Vancouver Queer Film Festival’s Coast is Queer evening of short films by Vancouverites. Visit for more information.

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