Sunday Morning is reluctantly controversial

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First-time filmmaker Sophy Romvari recognizes she is taking on controversy in her short Sunday Morning, but its hopeful message transcends the provocative subject matter.

Sunday Morning tells the story of former priest Dennis who, shunned by the church because of his sexuality, is forced to make a choice to leave the church in order to allow his relationship with his same-sex partner Jamie to grow.

Despite having the Catholic Church as its backdrop though, Romvari says Sunday Morning isn’t about being gay or Catholic, or the irreconcilable differences between the two.

“It’s simply about relationships,” she says. “I wanted to show that regardless of gender, sexuality, or religion, everyone has to make choices and commitments in their life to the people we love.  Instead of alienating the kind of relationship Dennis and Jamie have by simple pointing out the fact that they are gay, I wanted to make the statement that their relationship is just like any other.”

A scene from Sophy Romvari's Sunday Morning which will screen at the 2012 Vancouver Queer Film Festival
A scene from Sophy Romvari’s Sunday Morning which will screen at the 2012 Vancouver Queer Film Festival

Recognizing the hot button topic she has chosen, Romvari also says her “slice-of-life” film isn’t all about creating controversy.

“The film is no doubt controversial and I think as a new film maker it’s easy to take the route of controversy because we know there is an audience for it,” she says. “It wasn’t necessarily my intent to be controversial but when I read the script I thought it put forward some very interesting circumstances that may be relatable to many different audiences.”

Romvari’s first major project as part of her first year in Capilano University’s film program, she hopes audiences will find the positive message in the film.

“I believe it has a hopeful ending and I want the audience to leave feeling hopeful. It’s a film about endurance, love being able to conquer many conflicts.”

Sunday Morning

Screens as part of the 2012 Vancouver Queer Film Festival’s Coast is Queer evening of short films by Vancouverites. Visit for more information.

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