The Coast is Queer: The Bonus is a naughty comedy

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The Bonus is the latest from Vancouver filmmaker David C Jones.  A veteran of six Vancouver Queer Film Festivals now, Jones’ comedy short will screen as part of the Vancouver Queer Film Festival’s The Coast is Queer and is vying for the GayVancouver.Net award recognizing a distinguished film from this year’s program.

Bryon Noble in a scene from The Bonus which screens as part of The Coast is Queer on Friday, August 23 at the Rio Theatre.

Bryon Noble in a scene from The Bonus which screens as part of The Coast is Queer on Friday, August 23 at the Rio Theatre.

One of the self-described “older new filmmakers” in Vancouver, Jones started in theatre as an actor, writer, director and often producer before gravitating to film to produce some humorous corporate videos.   He now has also had his short films screened around the world in such locales as Torino, Bangalore and St. Petersburg.

We asked David about The Bonus and what inspires him as a filmmaker:

Tell us about The Bonus.

The Bonus is a naughty comedy about a man who has been passed over for not only a promotion but also an incentive trip, so he seeks retribution. With his uninformed boyfriend as accomplice he forgets one rule of revenge: don’t get caught with your pants down.

Who were your early mentors or inspirations?

I love The Coen Brothers, Buster Keaton and Steven Sodenburgh.

What inspired you to make this film?

Stick around for the closing credits to see.

What challenges did you face while making this film? What’s been the coolest experience so far with the film?

The Bonus was developed as part of a reality TV show called Hot Pink Shorts on OUTtv in which industry professionals mentor four filmmakers from across Canada who they write and produce and direct a short film.

It was filmed in one day (17 hours) with a budget of $2000, all aspects of filmmaking were covered in the pre-production workshops except for one. While the film was in post-production the external hard-drive it was on crashed and all the footage was lost. Weeks were spent trying to recover the film with no luck. I thought the film was lost forever.

Almost two months after the disaster I was working with a different external hard-drive I was elated to discover one rough cut of the film. There was no sound and a few shots were missing — so the actors were brought back to re-dub their lines and a couple of inserts were shot.

The Bonus is now ready for the world and stars Byron Noble, Sean Carey and Patricia Trinh.  Director of Photography was David Tenniswood with the musical soundtrack by Matthew Presidente and produced by Stephen Sawchuck.  It is produced by House of Leo and DCJ Productions.

Are you a film festival newbie or have you had another film(s) at the Festival?

I think this might be some sort record:

2008 – Caught and Laugh
2009 – Caught
2010 – Labels and Laughing Behind Enemy Lines
2011 – Coffee Club, Over Here, and Laughing Behind Enemy Lines
2012 – George
2013 – The Bonus

I am very proud of the diversity and styles of my various films.

What are you most excited to do and/or see at this year’s Queer Film Fest?

I love the Vancouver Queer Film Festival and tend to see about 18 to 20 of the events. I take two weeks off and except for the Coco Peru concert and play I will be at the festival. I find all the artists inspiring. All of them.

The Coast is Queer

Plays as part of the 2013 Vancouver Queer Film Festival on Friday, August 23, 2013 at 9pm at the Rio Theatre.  Visit for more information.  GayVancouver.Net is once again proud to sponsor The Coast is Queer Award recognizing a distinguished film from this year’s program.

The Bonus

Visit for more information.

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