The Future Perfect features some Hollywood heavyweights


Robert Baker (above) and Zachary Quinto star in Nick Citton's sci-fi thriller, The Future Perfect as part of the 2015 Vancouver Queer Film Festival

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The Vancouver Queer Film Festival has seen some big names on its pink screens over the years, but The Future Perfect may very well be the first film in The Coast is Queer, the festival’s annual short series featuring local filmmakers, that boasts this kind of Hollywood star power.

Winner of the 2013 Motion Picture Production Industry Association of British Columbia (MPPIA) Short Film Award, writer and director Nick Citton has used the $100,000 prize of in-kind production services to create his Vancouver-shot ten minute film, The Future Perfect.

“It ended up being quite a high-end short even though we didn’t really have any money, because it was all in-kind,” laughs Citton who is currently back in Vancouver wrapping up work on two television sitcom pilots he co-wrote for CTV and the W Channel.

More than just a slick looking short though, Citton attracted a couple of Hollywood heavyweights to the project, with film and television stars Zachary Quinto (Star Trek, American Horror Story) and Robert Baker (Texas Rising, Grey’s Anatomy) signing on to the sci-fi thriller. Good thing too, since Citton wrote the screenplay with the two actors in mind.

Writer and director Nick Citton

Writer and director Nick Citton brings his sci-fi thriller to this year’s Vancouver Queer Film Festival

“They’re really old friends and Robert has been in pretty much in everything that I have done,” says Citton. “Zach and I have wanted to work together for a long too, and to be honest if they hadn’t wanted to do it I probably wouldn’t have applied for the award.”

A standalone piece from a feature length film that Citton has been writing for the last few years, The Future Perfect is a time travel story that takes place in the limbo between past and present. Not wanting to give too much of the film’s story away and spoil it for audiences, Citton refers to it as a minimalist sci-fi thriller with a big reveal at the end that is composed of just a half-dozen shots.

“There is something about the immediacy of the film that is really appealing from using just those six long shots,” he says.

Citton’s first time at the Vancouver Queer Film Festival, The Future Perfect has been playing the film festival circuit with screenings across North America and internationally. And while the film’s logline doesn’t say it, Citton assures us that the film plays well at gay festivals, and not just because he happens to be a gay filmmaker, or that it includes Quinto.

“It is part of the big reveal at the end of the film,” says Citton. “Our first gay film festival was Frameline in San Francisco back in June and that was such an awesome experience, and from there we’ve gotten emails every day from other festivals that want to play it.”

Planning on completing the writing of the feature from which he has extracted The Future Perfect by the end of the summer, Citton is hopeful the bigger film will eventually get made.

“I’m really proud of the short, but there is definitely a larger world to be explored. The Future Perfect is good appetizer for the feature,” he says.

As for Quinto and Baker signing on for the full-length version, Citton remains cautiously optimistic.

“Even with this short it was all about timing. Trying to coordinate schedules with people like Zach and Robert is tough, but they will definitely be the first people to read it,” he concludes.

The Future Perfect plays as part of The Coast is Queer at the 2015 Vancouver Queer Film Festival on Friday, August 14. Visit for tickets and information.

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