69 seconds with … gay Vancouver actor, improvisor and writer Pearce Visser

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Spend 69 Seconds With gay Vancouver actor, improvisor and writer Pearce Visser.

MEET Pearce Visser

Pearce VisserPearce Visser is an /actor/improviser/writer, originally hailing from Sherwood Park, Alberta, where he first began his acting training with the Rapid Fire Theatre Company.

After moving to the warm wetness of Vancouver, Pearce joined the Vancouver TheatreSports® League and has been a mainstay mainstage member for 18 years, performing in the VTSL productions of Raiders of the Lost Improv, 24, The Improvised Works of Bill Shakespeare, So You Think You Can Improvise, Breaking News, The Imprentice, CSI BC, Lord of the Things, The Impranos, An Improv Line, Improvivor, The X-mas Files, Full Metal Improv, See BC, Noxena, Free Willy Shakespeare, and Greased. As well, he has entertained in hundreds of weekly improv shows, and for hundreds of corporate clients as an emcee and improviser. Pearce has toured five times with the company, and won a Jessie for his work in the tour production of Free Willy Shakespeare.

Pearce’s television and film credits include the hit series Stargate Atlantis and the Terry Gilliam film, The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. Pearce is one of the stars of OUTtv’s Tops and Bottoms improv show.

01Your first job.
Ripping out old carpet and linoleum flooring for my fathers’ carpet business. Then I got a job for the plumbing business next to my dad’s shop. Then I got to rip out old sinks and toilets. An early introduction to home decorating? Hmmmm.

02The job you wanted as a child.
I always wanted to get a doctor’s kit for gifts.  A nifty black plastic case with plastic stethoscope and reflex hammer and candy pills. So i guess that means doctor or vet.

03What gets you up in the morning?
As an actor, usually the sunlight. I work nights most, so a casual morning is common. Otherwise its my cell phone alarm ringing for an audition or a meeting or work.

04The best piece of advice you have received in life.
“Follow in the direction of you dreams and you will meet with success” … a version of a Henry David Thoureau quote. My quote: “you’re born, you die, may as well do something that makes you happy while you’re here”.

05Favourite move and favourite television show.
Aliens and Family Guy and Judge Judy … she’s a delightful bitch at times!

06Favourite song and/or artist.
Green Day… The Monks…Pet Shop Boys…ACDC… it would be great to have John Lennon around nowadays.

07One word your best friend would use to describe you.
Very funny and gassy.

08The one thing any visitor to Vancouver simply cannot miss.
Having a Starbucks coffee and judging people/people watching (depending on their mood) on Robson Street.

09 Complete this sentence: On Sunday mornings I…
…go for breakfast with my boyfriend at an all day breakfast joint.

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