John Crossen, cartoonist extrodinaire

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Probably best known for providing GayVancouver.Net (Gay Vancouver Online) visitors with a chuckle each month with his Crossen Cartoon and in Xtra West every two weeks with Crossen The Line, we spent 69 Seconds With John Crossen, cartoonist, animator, writer, teacher, webdesigner, decorator, gardener, motorcyclist and volunteer.

01.Your first job.
A morning paper route at the tender age of 9, to this day I loathe getting up early in the morning.

02.The job you wanted as a child.
Making commercials and cartoons for magazines and TV.

03.What gets you up in the morning?
Nothing hopefully. At least not before 9, otherwise a special occasion.

04.What puts you to sleep at night?
Well, sometimes a good wank, but usually reflecting on the happy moments from the day I just had, and thinking about what i want to make happen tomorrow.

05.Favourite stage play of all time.
Probably La Cage aux Folles

06.Favourite song and/or artist.
Too many to think of, how about Tangerine, because I’m learning to play it on the piano these days.

07.One word your best friend would use to describe you.

08.The one thing any visitor to Vancouver simply cannot miss doing.
Swim in Kits pool or rent a boat and do the coast lines.

09.Complete this sentence: On Sunday mornings I…
I give myself permission to do what ever I want to do, and, barring any obligations, nothing I don’t want to do.

MEET JOhn crossen

John CrossenAfter running a business for 25 years doing plants, flowers and/or Xmas displays for hotels, conventions, special events, weddings and everyone else in between, John turned his sights to my first love of cartoons, animation , writing and a life with way less stress.

Happy to be where he is in life, John is always expanding his knowledge base, grateful for his health and the love of friends and family. Life really couldn’t be much better. Fully aware of how fragile and temporary everything is, John seeks to enjoy every experience, manifest what he wants in my life, give as much back as he can and revel in the mystery of what the future will bring.



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