69 seconds with … Marlee Walchuk and Tully Callender of Sugarbeach

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Two for the price of one!  Spend 69 seconds with Marlee Walchuk and Tully Callender of Sugarbeach.

01Your first job.

Marlee – at 14 I was in singing hotel show lounges, festivals and stadiums in a band with my brother and sister. My first day job was as a waitress at Bob’s Big Boy in L.A. while going to acting school.
Tully – helping young people with disabilities learn new skills and prepare for working in a real job.

02The job you wanted as a child.

Marlee – to dance, sing and act on Broadway.
Tully – rock star.

03Your hero.

Marlee – Louise Hay, she acted on her intuition about what causes us sickness and disease – years later it turns out she was right… it’s all about beliefs and emotions.
Tully – Bishop Gene Robinson, the first ever out gay bishop in the Anglican church … now that’s one tough crowd he has won over.

04One thing no one knows about you (and you are willing to share).

Marlee – I used to make Barbie and Ken dolls “do it”.
Tully – I sleepwalk everynight.

05Your biggest indulgence.

Marlee – unfortunately everything edible!
Tully – chocolate and dim sum.

06The three things you would want with you on a deserted island.

Marlee – my wife, our bowling ball mattress and a solar powered George Foreman grill.
Tully – my wife, dim sum and sunscreen.

07Complete this sentence: I first kissed a girl …

Marlee – at 18 after returning home from a church service in LA where I saw people speaking in tongues – I think it put me over the edge.
Tully – when I’d had too many daiquiris.

08The musician that inspires you the most.

Marlee – my sister Judy Ginn-Walchuk she never stops creating, doing and inspiring others.
Tully – Lady Gaga as she is an amazing artist and totally gets how to connect with her peeps and work the business of music.

09 One word your best friend would use to describe you.

Marlee – busy.
Tully – grounded.

10 The one thing any visitor to Vancouver simply cannot miss.

Marlee – a ‘mother ship’ size Canadian breakfast at the Tomahawk restaurant in North Van.
Tully  – a burger at Carderos.

MEET Marlee Walchuk and Tully Callender of Sugarbeach

Marlee Walchuk and Tully Callender of SugarbeachThis Aussie/Canadian Duo are energetic, powerful, moving, and married to each other. Mixing sweet and soulful vocals with meaningful lyrics and driving tracks, these women have established a unique and recognizable sound which is altogether refreshing and utterly satisfying.

Currently living in Vancouver, Canada, Marlee and Tully of Sugarbeach garnered the number one spot on the OutVoice Top 40 chart in the U.S. for a total of 5 months with each of their albums.

In 2009, they won two Pride in the Arts Awards including “Favourite Group of the Year” and in 2010 are nominated for five PITA awards including the MOJO award for the creation and hosting of RightOut TV, the internet’s first LGBT music video TV channel streaming 24/7.

“Mama I Love Her”, their irresistible pumping dance song with a Middle Eastern flavor and a big message, was recently nominated for ”Outstanding International Song of The Year” with the Outmusic Awards in New York.

In 2008, they wrote the 30th Anniversary theme song for Vancouver Pride, “Living Out Proud” which was also used by 14 cities all over the world for their Pride celebrations. Recently remixed by La Chapelle Records in Montreal and added to their “Out and Proud” compilation CD for 2009 of the years’ biggest gay anthems.

Sugarbeach were proud to make history by performing “Living out Proud” at the official openings of Pride House Whistler and Vancouver at the 2010 Winter Olympics.

“I Just Love Girls”, their first CD was the catalyst for their many Pride appearances in North America which included the New York City Pride Rally.

Marlee & Tully have recently returned from their 2010 North American & UK tour, and are currently planning the first RightOut TV music video awards and writing new Sugarbeach songs to release in 2011.

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