Scatterheart lead singer Jesse Enright

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Spend 69 Seconds With Scatterheart lead singer Jesse Enright.

01Your first job.
Busboy at pizza restaurant.

02The job you wanted as a child.
Rock star.

03Your hero.
Freddie Mercury.

04The one word your best friend would use to describe you.

05What’s getting the most play on your iPod right now?
Heartbeats by The Knife.

06The three things you would want with you on a deserted island.
iPhone, Yoga mat, wings.

07Your ideal vacation.
Touring with my band in Europe.

08The one thing any visitor to Vancouver simply cannot miss.
Stanley Park (and a Scatterheart show).

09 Favourite movie.

10 Complete this sentence: On Friday nights I…
…teach yoga.

MEET jesse enrighti

Jesse EnrightLead singer for the Vancouver band Scatterheart by night and yoga instructor by day, Jesse is leading a revolution armed to the teeth with love, feathers and great songwriting to make Rock n Roll fun again.

“There’s no reason you can’t leave a rock show feeling happy!”, says Enright. “I spent my teen years in the rave scene dancing to great DJs and I was amazed by the amount of energy a room full of people can create… Love is powerful. With Scatterheart I wanted to create the same experience and energy, but with a live rock show!”

Already known in Western Canada for their colorful ‘Love Rock’ shows that leave audiences sweaty and satisfied, the band is excited to take their new album ‘The Masterplan’ on the road and recruit more fans.

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