Seán Cummings, Managing Artistic Director of Screaming Weenie Productions

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Spend 69 Seconds With Seán Cummings, Managing Artistic Director of Screaming Weenie Productions.

01.Your first job.
By the time I was twelve, I had three paper routes and a lawn mowing business in our small Eastern Ontario town. Not sure which of those came first.

02.The job you wanted as a child.
By the time I was ten I had decided that I wanted to work in advertising.

03.What gets you up in the morning?
I usually wake to thoughts of what I have to accomplish that day.

04.What puts you sleep at night?
Every night without fail, my black tortoise shell feline named Macy ends my day by joining me at bedtime by lying on my chest and loudly purring until I nod off.

05.Favourite stage play.
Choosing one is impossible. It’s not like choosing a favourite book or movie. Each production of a play is a brand new living breathing thing. James Fagan Tait directed a production of Paula Vogel’s How I Learned To Drive a few years back and the experience took me out of commission for a few hours it was so moving. And last year I did the top two plays on my list the actor in me wanted to tackle; Bent by Martin Sherman and Poor Super Man by Brad Fraser.

06.Favourite song and/or artist.
If I had to choose one artist it would have to be Peter Gabriel. The boldness, honesty and integrity in his music and presentation are unmatched. Choose any album and give it a listen. His concerts are more like theatre than anyone else (thanks to collaborating with Robert LaPage) and his music is both humble and spectacular.

07.One word your best friend would use to describe you.

08.The one thing any visitor to Vancouver simply cannot miss.
Bicycling the Stanley Park seawall ending with English Bay.

09.Complete this sentence: On Sunday mornings I …
do my laundry at about 530am and read a good book, have brunch with my husband, then go back to bed for a nap.

MEET Seán Cummings

Sean CummingsSeán is the visionary Managing Artistic Director of Screaming Weenie Productions and the producer of Clean Sheets: Canada’s new queer play festival.

He has appeared on stage in such diverse and critically acclaimed roles as Max in Martin Sherman’s Bent, David in Brad Fraser’s Poor Super Man and Bertram in All’s Well That Ends Well.

Seán is the creator of the Queerly Canadian Theatre Series, an award-winning filmmaker and has been certified by Fight Directors Canada.  Seán is part of the Executive of the Pride In Art Society and sits on various committees for Vancouver charities and non-profits.

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