69 seconds with … singer, dancer and choreographer Tyrell Witherspoon

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Spend 69 seconds with singer, dancer and choreographer Tyrell Witherspoon who can be seen, among other things, in the locally shot television series Hellcats and in the newly released video for his first single “Letting Go”.

01Your first job.
I worked at a restaurant and catering company all throughout high school. Gotta love those tips.

02The job you wanted as a child.
I always wanted to be a performer whether it was singing or dancing or acting. It didn’t matter.

03The three things you would want with you on a deserted island.
Hmm. A guitar so I could play music, maybe some sunscreen and a blanket cause I’m sure it gets cold some nights.

04Your hero.
My late mother definitely. She was always such a huge supporter in the family. My dad is also a performer and my brother is a hockey player and she was genius at keeping all of our schedules straight, who was travelling where when and still seemed to have an amazing meal on the table all the time. She was truly an amazing woman.

05Your biggest indulgence.
Sometimes, I really need chocolate. I’ll be in my apartment and suddenly, I’ll just need to run downstairs and grab an Oh Henry bar to curb my craving. Weird right?

06One thing no one knows about you (and you’re willing to share).
I have the worst habit of biting my nails. It’s really bad. I need to get over that.

07Complete this sentence: I first kissed a boy …
And I liked it… LOL No I first kissed a boy in middle school in a tent. It was pretty innocent at the time but look at me now hahaha.

08The one thing you are most proud of.
Right now, I am the most proud of my Letting Go music video. I wrote the lyrics, the music, helped create the video… it’s my baby and I’m so happy with the result. I can’t wait to have more (musical) babies.

09 One word your best friend would use to describe you.

10 The one thing or place you always take visitors to see/do when they come to Vancouver.
The part of the sea wall that goes underneath the Lion’s Gate Bridge and around to Third Beach. So gorgeous.

MEET tyrell witherspoon

Tyrell Witherspoon

Tyrell Witherspoon is a small town, Manitoba boy who moved to Vancouver only a year ago to pursue his dreams in a bigger city. Beginning his career and training in the city of Winnipeg, Tyrell used his skills to land a coveted role on the CW series “Hellcats.” During his time on set, Tyrell got some hands on experience in the industry and began working on his first solo album project.

His first single “Letting Go” hit iTunes in March and his second single “In Love” will hit the net this month with an EP to drop sometime this summer. Already, he’s making a splash performing at gay pride festivals, charity galas and big ticket events.

Tyrell hopes to continue working on more music over the summer to work on a full length album for 2012.

Visit http://www.tyrellwitherspoon.com.

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