Vancouver City Councillor Ellen Woodsworth

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Spend 69 Seconds With Vancouver City Councillor Ellen Woodsworth.

01.Your first job.
I went to grade 11 and 12 in Japan so I was lucky to be able to teach English in Osaka, make money and do alot of travelling around Japan with the money.

02.The job you wanted as a child.
I have always loved to read as does everyone in my family and I always thought the most important thing to do in life was to be a writer.

03.What gets you up in the morning.
My cat wakes me up, I go downstairs to feed him, meditate, make a cup of tea, read the newspaper, read my emails and listen to CBC AM in that order.

04.What puts you to sleep at night?
Talking to my girlfriend which drives her crazy but if I have time and energy at the end of the day which I rarely do these days I love to read fiction. I just finished Emma Donohue’s latest because I am on holidays (Ed Note: we caught up with Ellen originally for this interview in August.)

05.Favourite stage play of all times.
For a combo of music, entertainment and social commentary – West Side Story.

06.Favourite song and/or artist.
Music – Vancouver’s Delhi 2 Dublin and Toronto’s Parachute Club “Rise Up” / Artists – Tiko Kerr and Doris McCarthy.

07.One word your best friend would use to describe you.

08.The one thing any visitor to Vancouver simply cannot miss
I always recommend the Museum of Anthropology. I think the architecture is stunning and the memory that the building contains is very powerful. It really is a world heritage site.

09.Complete this sentence: On Sunday mornings I…
love to sleep in and then go for a hike or in winter go snow shoeing or skiing.

MEET  ellen woodsworth

Ellen Woodsworth

First elected to Vancouver City Council in 2002 and re-elected in 2008, Ellen Woodsworth is a community developer committed to economic equality, social justice and environmentally sound planning that will make Vancouver a world-class city. Her goal is to help create a Vancouver where every resident has equal opportunities to be successful and to develop their full potential.

Ellen wants to create a Vancouver for everyone, and is deeply committed to working on housing, climate change and creating a sustainable city. She believes in safe, strong, diverse neighbourhoods and thriving local businesses.

During her first term on Council, she was Vice-Chair of the City’s Finance Committee and representative to the Executive of the Union of BC Municipalities and the Lower Mainland Treaty Advisory Committee. She sat on the Food Policy Task Force, the Women’s and Creative Cities Task Force and was Council’s representative to the Seniors and Youth Advisory Committees, and the Peace and Justice Committee.

Ellen has been president of the Britannia Community Services Centre, South Vancouver Neighbourhood House, Bridge Housing Society for Women in the Downtown Eastside and has worked closely with immigrant communities and the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, transexual and queer communities.  For 10 years, she was a community organizer in the Downtown Eastside and Coordinator of the Seniors Summit, a provincial seniors organization.

Ellen grew up in Toronto, and then moved with her family to Japan where she finished high school at the Canadian Academy. Ellen attended the University of British Columbia, completing a bachelor of arts degree in Sociology, and two years of art school.  She and her partner of 19 years live in the Grandview/Woodlands area. In her spare time she likes to kayak, hike, ski, snowshoe, go to art events and read.


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