Daelik, Artistic Director of Vancouver’s MACHiNENOiSY contemporary dance company

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Spend 69 Seconds With Daelik, Artistic Director of Vancouver’s MACHiNENOiSY contemporary dance company and creator of The Open Spaces Project which premieres in Vancouver December 3rd at the Scotiabank Dance Centre.

01.Your first job.
Janitor in my highschool after school.

02.The job you wanted as a child.

03.The name of the last book you read.
Queer Cowboys (research) / The Road by Cormac McCarthy (enjoyment).

04.Favourite movie.

05.Your ideal vacation.
Somewhere with a lot of sun and a beach.

06.Your hero.
Jean Genet.

07.The three things you would want to have with you on a deserted island.
My boyfriend, a recepie book of good deserted island dishes, and a journal to write in.

08.One word your best friend would use to describe you
Talented (his words not mine).

09.The one thing any visitor to Vancouver simply cannot miss.
The number of homeless people.

10.Complete this sentence: On Saturday nights I
Hang out in my apartment and do boring things like housework and watch tv.

MEET Daelik

DaelikDaelik has been performing for over 20 years. He began acting in Toronto in the mid 1980s, performing in original, Grotowski-inspired physical theatre productions. In 1990 he moved to Vancouver where he discovered dance through Contact Improvisation.

He spent three years exploring improvisation before pursuing training in dance technique. Daelik has performed across Canada, in the United States and in Europe. He was a company member of EDAM (a Contact-based contemporary dance company) for six years and has worked in Canada with, among others, Kinesis Dance, DanStaBat, Benoit Lachambre, Movent, Co. Erasga, and Winnipeg Contemporary Dancers in the works of: Julia Sasso, Serge Bennethan, and Roger Sinha. In Europe he has worked with Welsh dance theater company Earthfall, Tanzcompagnie Rubato (Berlin), Angela Guierrero (Hamburg), and Be van Vark (Berlin).

In 2002 he formed his own company MACHiNENOiSY Dance Society and in 2005 welcomed Delia Brett into the company as co-Artistic Director. The works of MACHiNENOiSY have been presented in Canada as well as internationally, including being commissioned by Festival Danse en Vol in 2003 to create a full evening dance presented in Brussels. Daelik toured to France and Greece in 2008 where he performed in the newest work of MACHiNENOiSY, Vancouver vs Vancouver created in collaboration with French choreographer Fabrice Ramalimgom.

Daelik is a teacher of Contact Improvisation, drawing on over 19 years of experience practicing the form. He has taught across Canada, in the United States, Wales, France, Greece, and Germany.

Daelik is a Dance Centre Artist-in-Residence during the 2009-2010 season.

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