69 seconds with … dancer Mackenzie Green

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Spend 69 Seconds With Vancouver dancer, Mack Green.

01Your first job.
My first job was actually teaching hip-hop classes at the studio I trained at growing up in Regina, when I was about 13. Shortly after I got a job at a mall serving coffee and a local coffee shop.

02The job you wanted as a child.
Actually, even from an early age I always dreamed and knew I wanted to become a profesional dancer when I was older. I was always dancing around the house as a child and was inspired to dance by my sister when I first went to her recital.

03I first kissed a boy…
This is funny, I came out very early in my life; I think around age 9! I first kissed a boy when I was 10 years old who went to my elementy school at a sleepover. I have a very accepting family who has always told me it is okay to love whoever you have feelings for.

04Favourite movie.
I would have to say, my favourite movie is Mrs. Doubtfire! I still watch it and think it’s just as amazing as when I was a kid.

05One word your best friend would use to describe you.

06Ideal vacation.
Costa Rica.

07The name of the last book you read.
Harry Potter. I’m not a big reader.

08Three things you would want on a deserted island.
Cellphone, food, sunscreen.

09Your Hero.
This is a hard question to answer, because I have several. My parents are both my heroes, as well as my boyfriend who inspires me everyday.

10 The one thing any visitor to Vancouver simply cannot miss.
Definitely Stanley Park.

MEET Mackenzie Green-Dusterbeck

Mackenzie Green-DusterbeckMackenzie Green-Dusterbeck, a native of Regina, Saskatchewan, began dancing at the age of eight; he has since studied ballet, jazz, contemporary, modern, hip hop, tap, acrobatics, and musical theatre.

His training has taken him across Canada, as well as Los Angeles, Washington D.C., Boston, and numerous locations in Europe.

Mackenzie’s versatility has allowed him to be not only a dancer but also a choreographer and instructor. He has taught at numerous dance centers and studios, including Harbour Dance Centre, and Drive Dance Centre.

Mackenzie has received numerous scholarships to places such as; The Royal Winnipeg Ballet, The Banff Centre, The Source Dance Company and The American Dance Awards, and has travelled with Danny Austin’s DanceSask troupe throughout Europe.

He has also performed and choreographed for artist’s such a Plex and has performed for Simone Orlando’s remount of “Relache”. Mackenzie currently resides in Vancouver, B.C. where he has performed in projects such as, “The Cell, The Electronic Series, Xibalba, and Sold Doubt”, with MOVE: The Company, directed by Josh Beamish as well as Kinesis Dance production of “Box4”.


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