Sean Horlor – Vancouver author, actor, columnist and blogger

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Spend 69 Seconds With Vancouver author, actor, columnist, blogger and co-creator & co-host of OUTtv’s Don’t Quit Your Gay Job, Sean Horlor.

01.Your first job.
Terrorizing my younger sister Lindsay when we were young children. You know, standard sibling shenanigans. It wasn’t paid, per se, but I definitely earned my older brother street cred.

02.The job you wanted as a child.
Horticulturalist, but when I realized that the plant kingdom wasn’t enough, that quickly changed to diplomat. Somewhere around 1992, a number of Canadian consul generals abroad received hand-written letters from a young kid with big dreams…

03.What gets you up in the morning.
Usually my bladder, but also an uncontrollable and strangely overwhelming urge to make something meaningful out of my life.

04.What puts you to sleep at night?
Blogging for I launched Vancouver’s first official gay blog – Up Your Alley – with in 2008. It’s usually the last thing I do every day, which is why the posts are sometimes…well, check it out and you’ll see what I mean.

05.Favourite song and/or artist.
The version of Like A Virgin Madonna used for her Confessions tour. You won’t hear it in our stripping episode due to music rights, but it was the song I chose to strip to for the crowd that night at Celebrities. Vancouver’s DJ Landon James did me a huge favour at the time and mixed it into a six-minute track.

06.Favourite movie or television show.
Departures. That show was the number one motivation for me to ask Rob to work out a pitch for OUTtv. If it wasn’t for the hours I spent watching Departures co-host Justin Lukach gallivant around the globe, Don’t Quit Your Gay Job probably wouldn’t exit.

07.One word your best friend would use to describe you.
Cunty. He’s a real bastard though, so don’t take him at his word.

08.The one thing any visitor to Vancouver simply cannot miss
Davie Village and the West End. Day or night, this is my favourite place in Van. It’s my neighbourhood and I’m proud of it.

09.Complete this sentence: On Sunday mornings I…
wake up wondering what day it is. Shocking. I know.

MEET Sean horlor

Sean HorlorSean Horlor is a Vancouver-based author, actor, columnist and blogger. Born in Edmonton, Alberta, Sean grew up in Victoria, British Columbia, and currently resides in Vancouver’s West End. He has an undergraduate degree in Fine Arts from the University of Victoria.

Sean is the co-creator and co-host of Don’t Quit Your Gay Job, a new comedy series that premiered on OUTtv this fall. His experiences on the show determined the following two life-changing realizations:

  1. He really likes taking all his clothes off for large crowds.
  2. He looks like a beefy Britney Spears in drag.

His first book, Made Beautiful by Use, was published by Signature Editions in 2007. The book explores … you guessed it … sex, drugs and life in the city. Made Beautiful by Use received positive reviews from numerous literary journals across the country. He is currently designing a Fall/Winter line of fashion poetry for a literary collaboration with Toronto-writer David Brock titled Haute and Cool: Couture Poetry by David Brock and Sean Horlor.

One of Vancouver’s most-visible social reporters and event hosts, Sean also writes Cocked & Loaded, the social column for Xtra West, Vancouver’s GLBT bi-weekly, and launched Up Your Alley for, which has the dubious honour of being Vancouver’s first official gay blog.


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