Spend 69 seconds with … Alan Pavlakovic

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Spend 69 seconds with improviser Alan Pavlakovic, a member of the Tops & Bottoms cast currently playing every Monday night at the Improv Centre on Granville Island.

01Your first job.

Aldo shoe salesman in the Lougheed mall.

02The job you wanted as a child.


03Your pet peeve.

Walk left stand right! Escalators are NOT the most difficult things in the world to use!

04Your hero.

Sarah Silverman, over coming adversity one poop joke at a time…

05Finish this sentence: I first kissed a boy…

… in a lesbian couple’s basement watching “Insomnia” in the pitch black competing with their loud slobbering kisses (not all lesbians just these ones) it was all so romantic. Like that scene in Beauty and the Beast, you know the one.

06Your biggest indulgence.

BACON EVERYTHING! Bacon popcorn, baconaisse, I’ve even baked a chocolate bacon cake!

07One thing no one knows about you.

I’m a pseudo gaymer. The more button mashing potential and violence with a pretty killer story line kinda gets me hot. call me Kratos!

08Three things you would want with you on a deserted island.

My iPod packed with music (can’t live without), monkey companion/servant (or army of monkey servants, how big can I go with this?), and my collection of Chuck Palaniuk novels.

09 The one word your best friend would use to describe you.


10 The one thing no visitor should miss seeing/doing when they come to Vancouver.

The Marine Building! It’s my favorite walking date stop, beautiful carvings, amazing history, and the art deco attributes are just so breath taking whether architecture excites you or not, its a must see in my books.

Alan Pavlakovic

Meet Alan Matthew Pavlakovic

Alan has been performing improv for over ten years, starting in high school as a player and later becoming a coach in the Canadian Improv Games.

Alan has been involved with the Vancouver TheatreSports League’s Master Class and Rookie League, Created Big Mountain Improv (with the help of Tim Carlson), and performs regularly with The Fictionals who perform internationally and on Commercial drive with their hit shows “Show us your Wits”, ‘Pop-up Comedy Jam”, “Improv Fight Club”, and their newest sell out show “Improv Against Humanity”.

With The Bobbers he has had the opportunity to play in the Vancouver and Victoria International Improv Festivals and appeared in their shows “Big Gay Wedding 2” and “The Gay Mafia”. Alan has work-shopped with Alistair Cook, Ryan Beil, Taz van Rassel, Dave Morris, Julie Dumais, and others.

Having been a Chef Alan enjoys cooking large meals to watch other people eat. He always wears underwear and thinks you’re cute.

The End.

Find out more about Tops & Bottoms online.

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