Spend 69 seconds with … artist and set designer Lance Cardinal

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Spend 69 seconds with Vancouver artist and set designer Lance Cardinal, who most recently designed the set for The Light in the Piazza on stage through October 9, 2011.

01Your first job.
My first job was as a cook at McDonald’s. I was 14 years old.

02The job you wanted as a child.
I really wanted to be a magician! In some ways I have fulfilled that goal. There is magic in every creative project I do!!

03One word your best friend would use to describe you.

04Your hero.
Jim Henson. He lived his life with passion for creating magic in other people’s lives.

05Your biggest indulgence.
Muppet Show memorabilia.

06Complete this sentence: I first kissed a boy…
… in grade two on the playground. His name was Keith and he was in my class.

07One thing no one knows about you.
I used to be a Ricky Martin impersonator and was on a NBC singing reality show called “Your Big Break!” in the late 90s.

08The three things you would want with you on a deserted island.
My partner Jeff, my Xbox, and a Mac computer (let’s assume it is a powered island).

09The one thing you are most proud of.
I live my life motivated by creativity and passion and inspiration!

10The one place or thing you always take visitors to see/do when they come to Vancouver.
Museum of anthropology at UBC (then down the hill to Wreck Beach of course).

MEET Lance Cardinal

Lance Cardinal

Lance Cardinal has become a main player in Vancouver’s professional theatre community. His extensive experience as a performer and visual artist give him the knowledge and innovative edge to produce new and exciting theatrical designs. Lance has worked hard to create his own career path and has always been focused on a life of creativity.

Lance came to Vancouver from Edmonton in 2000 to persue his creative career. In early 2003 Lance was asked to become Artistic Producer for Ophidian Entertainment. During his time with Ophidian Lance found his passion for set design. This motivated him to go out on his own as a freelance designer. He established Cardinal Designs, a full service production company that provided set design, build and install packages. Lance acted as lead scenic designer, project manager, and lead painter for projects big and small.

Lance’s reputation for quality and professionalism grew quickly. His passion for creativity advanced him to full time Scenic designer. His hard work and unique style was recognized by the Vancouver theatre community and also by the prestigious Jessie Richardson Award committee. In 2005 Lance won his own Jessie award for outstanding set design for Carousel theater’s “A Christmas Carol”. In 2006-2007 Lance was hired as a Design Intern for the Vancouver Opera’s New Production of “The Magic Flute”. This production was presented in a West Cost First Nations style and Lance was brought in to contribute his creative mind and assist the lead set designer. Lance was also hired as Lead Designer for the Vancouver Opera’s School Touring Production of “The Magic Flute-Quest for the Box of Shadows”. In this smaller production he was hired to design the set, costumes, and masks. This was also done with the same West Coast First Nations influence. This experience solidified his position as a professional designer and pushed him to a new level.

Lance continues working with many different organizations and many different design projects. He continues to create new and exciting designs as well as provide a professional experience for the people he works with. Lance will always look for projects that push him creatively and continue to express himself through the magic he puts on stage.

Visit http://lancecardinal.blogspot.com for more information.

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