Spend 69 seconds with … author Jed La Lumiere

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Spend 69 seconds with Jed La Lumiere, author of the new book Patience: A Gay Man’s Virtue, who will launch his book in Vancouver on July 5, 2012 at Little Sisters.

01Your first job.

Dishwasher at a restaurant.

02The job you wanted as a child.

A Nurse who was also Wonder Woman.

03Your pet peeve.

There are so many, and we only have 69 seconds. It depends on the day, my mood, where I am, and who I am with. What can I say – it’s complicated.

04Your hero.

If I can have two … my parents. They never stood in my way, never said “I couldn’t” and they have never stopped supporting me no matter how harebrained or insane my ideas or dreams may have been.

05Finish this sentence: I first kissed a boy…

… over 20 years ago. It was nothing, special – neither was he. Thank goodness the details are foggy.

06Your biggest indulgence.

Travel. I like meeting new people, seeing new places and trying new foods.

07The one word your best friend would use to describe you.


08Three things you would want with you on a deserted island.

It depends. If it is a stopover, enroute to another destination, then I would have: my Family Guy collection, my husband, and the room key to the hotel that everyone else thinks is a mirage. If we got stranded, then I would have: my husband, my mobile phone and my American Express card. They can get you home, no matter where you are. Stranger things have happened to me.

09 One thing no one knows about you.

I love taking music lessons, all sorts. I am working on piano and voice at the moment. I’m not that good, but it’s fun.

10 The one thing you are most looking forward to seeing/doing when you are in Vancouver.

Spending time getting to know the people who have helped me along my journey and to experience Vancouver as a local.

Jed La Lumiere

Meet  Jed La Lumiere

I was born in New England at a time long before invention of DVDs, iPods, the Internet (yes, there was life before the Internet), Hybrid cars, the Snuggie as well as a plethora of other things that have been invented but have questionable practicality and usability. I was lucky enough to be born after the heyday of 8-track tapes and the El Camino … thank goodness. Then again … it seems that the El Camino style of vehicle is returning as an automotive option. I’m perplexed as to why that is, but we’re moving on.

I moved to Canada in 2008, and I’ve been bouncing back and forth, like a yo-yo, between the USA and Canada, since.

I’ve spent the first half of my career life as an IT guy. While that job paid the bills and provided me with a comfortable existence, I wanted to do more with my life than answer phones, deal with computer issues, and write code. I like to write, yes … but not code.

A few years ago I decided to become a personal trainer so I could help people become healthier. I wanted to pay forward the kindness that someone showed to me many years ago when I was losing my battle with weight issues. Being a personal trainer both in the gym and out has proven to be most rewarding.

Still, I had the need to write. Now, while I do still train clients now and again, I’m focused on reaching people through my written words with the hopes of building a better tomorrow for all those who will live it.

Find out more at http://www.jedlalumiere.com.

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