Spend 69 seconds with … bi-coastal theatre addict Genevieve Bolduc

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Spend 69 seconds with self-described bi-coastal theatre addict Genevieve Bolduc, who next works as Assistant Stage Manager on Kinetichism Theatre’s production of Love/Stories.

01Your first job.
Costume shop in a Jewish Hasidic neighbourhood. I sported a Kermit the Frog kippa from 9-5.

02The job you wanted as a child.
Mobster Superhero.

03The three things you would want with you on a deserted island.
A theatre. An audience. Performers.

04Your hero.
Maggie Smith.

05Your biggest indulgence.
Obnoxiously bad videogame-based movies.

06One thing no one knows about you (and you’re willing to share).
I love walking on rooftops. I used to live in a row of semi-detached houses and would climb up to watch the sunrise.

07Complete this sentence: I first kissed a girl …
… during a close-up of Will Smith’s face in Independence Day. I should have held out for my first time watching the original Star Wars trilogy.

08The #1 item on your bucket list (the one thing you want to experience/do before you die).
Start a family.

09 One word your best friend would use to describe you.

10 The one thing you simply cannot miss doing when you come to Vancouver.
The Freddy Wood Theatre.

MEET Genevieve Bolduc

Genevieve BolducGeneviève Bolduc is a bicoastal theatre addict. She moved from Montreal to Vancouver to study at the University of British Columbia. She is completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theatre Production and Film Studies.

She’s worked with a wide array of theatre companies including Kinetichism, Lucid Dream Productions, Main Street Theatre, Bear Bones Theatre as well as her constant involvement in UBC Theatre productions.

She loves festivals and has been involved in: The Vancouver Fringe as a stage manager; the Vancouver Pride Festival as a bartender; the Brave New Playrites Festival as a director; and the Vancouver International Film Festival as a general volunteer. In addition, she worked at the Festival International de Jazz de Montréal and the Francofolies in her hometown.

She hopes to pursue a career in stage management and has also begun exploring art direction in the world of filmmaking.

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