Spend 69 seconds with … Creative B’stro’s Jill Tracy

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Spend 69 seconds with Jill Tracy, President and Chief Creative Officer of Creative B’stro, one of the creative minds behind the Vancouver Queer Film Festival’s marketing program and creators of the VQFF’s iPhone app.

01Your first job.
At age 7, I delivered illegal fireworks for my entrepreneurial older brothers (aged 13 and 14). Fireworks weren’t legal in our State so I was the front man, making the “drops” so my brothers didn’t get caught. I got paid in bottle rockets.

02The job you wanted as a child.
I wanted to be one of Charlie’s Angels.  Mostly because I wanted to be Farrah’s BFF.

03One word your best friend would use to describe you.

04Your hero.
There are so many… my heroes change almost daily based on current events and who I come in contact with. My latest is Andrew Cuomo for his work getting gay marriage passed in NY. Rachel Maddow, Hillary Clinton and Oprah are regularly on my list for their willingness to take a stand, challenge the norms and bring attention to things that need to be called out. I find that heroic.

05Your biggest indulgence.
Sunday nights, with a giant California burrito, white wine and reality TV.

06Complete this sentence: I first kissed a girl …
… at Rubyfruit Jungle in New Orleans.

07One thing no one knows about you.
I’ve got Bieber fever.

08The three things you would want with you on a deserted island.
Jess, Harper and Les Troud, the Survivorman.

09The one thing you are most proud of.
I married the woman who helps me realize, on a daily basis, all we can have in this world (including and especially our daughter).

10The one thing or place you always take visitors to see/do when they come to Vancouver.
Jericho Beach.

MEET jill tracy

Jill Tracy

Jill is an experienced marketer, designer, communications director and branding strategist. In 2004, Jill launched B’stro, where she currently serves as President and Chief Creative Officer. Today, B’stro is a market leader with offices in San Francisco and Vancouver, and is known for developing engaging campaigns that create deeper connections between people and businesses.

Prior to founding B’stro, Jill developed brands, marketing communications and campaigns for Silicon Valley startups and Fortune 500 corporations. Her 21 years of marketing experience has helped her develop a keen understanding of business objectives: Jill has been the client. She recognizes what is expected of agency partners and manages B’stro to exceed those expectations.

Jill is a champion of ideas, building B’stro to be a place where talented, engaged people come together to share strategies, thoughts and stories. Under her stewardship, B’stro has designed and successfully executed original campaigns for a roster of clients that includes global consumer brands, leading educational and health institutions, and innovative non-profit, arts and cultural organizations.

Jill holds a BA in public relations from the University of South Carolina and an MFA in Graphic Design from the Academy of Art. She lives in Vancouver with her wife, University of British Columbia professor Jess Tracy, and their daughter Harper.

Visit http://bstro.com for more information.

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