Spend 69 seconds with … Mark Braun and Kyle Featherstone

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Spend 69 seconds with Mark Braun and Kyle Featherstone who are currently appearing in the Oprah Winfrey Network (Canada) reality television series Million Dollar Neighbourhood.

01Your first job.

Kyle – I started working as a bank teller when I was 15. I kept that job for 10 years – it was incredible!
Mark – a junior mechanic in training (it didn’t last!)

02The job you wanted as a child.

Kyle – I always wanted to be a lawyer, or a clerk at a video store. Two very different career paths…
Mark – a singer/musician.

03Your pet peeve.

Kyle – people that don’t agree with my ideas. Ha ha!
Mark – bad dressers.

04Your hero.

Kyle – people who are true to themselves and stand up for what they believe in.
Mark – Harry Connick Jr.

05Finish this sentence: I first kissed a boy…

Kyle – at a sleepover.
Mark – on a dare.

06Your biggest indulgence.

Kyle – candy and diet pop.  A bad combination!
Mark – wine.

07The one word you use to describe each other.

Kyle – I would describe Mark as talented.
Mark – I would describe Kyle as loving.

08Three things you would want with you on a deserted island.

Kyle – My husband, my son, and my dog.
Mark – Family, wine, and my iPod.

09 One thing no one knows about you.

Kyle – I bite my fingernails when I’m nervous.
Mark – Sometimes when I’m at home by myself I put on singing concerts.  I haul out my microphone stand and everything!

10 The one thing any visitor to Vancouver simply cannot miss.

Kyle – Walking around the Sea Wall on a beautiful sunny day.
Mark – Visiting the Vancouver Public Library.

Mark Braun and Kyle Featherstone

Meet Mark Braun and Kyle Featherstone

This is the profile of Mark and Kyle provided by Million Dollar Neighbourhood:

Mark is a realtor/office manager and Kyle is a high school teacher.  These newlyweds just took on a massive mortgage, then turned around andleveraged all of their equity to pay for a pregnancy via surrogate (Mark’s sister-in-law). Mark and Kyle want to be mortgage-free in 15 years, but it will take dedication to pay off their huge house, let alone afford the home improvementsthey are dreaming of.  They also want to pay off Kyle’s students loans, while simultaneously buildingtheir retirement savings and emergency fund (both currently non-existent).

You can watch Mark and Kyle plus the other 99 families in Aldergrove compete on the weekly Million Dollar Neighbourhood on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network (Canada).  OWN Canada can be found on Shaw Cable channel 96 and Telus Optik TV Channel 202 in Vancouver.

Mark and Kyle have already been one of the weekly $10,000 winners on the show.

Visit http://ownca.oprah.com for more information.

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