Who would you like to get to know in 69 seconds?

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We’re looking for your help!  Tell us who you would like to get to know just a little better in 69 seconds.

Sixty Nine Seconds WithWe’ve sent out requests to a growing list of local, national and international heroes and allies to be part of our 69 Seconds With… series but we want to know who YOU want to know just a little bit about.  Send us your ideas via email and we’ll do our best to contact them for you!

Here are some of the people we’ve reached out to so far and hope to feature in the coming weeks:

Mickey Moniker (DJ)
Sean Cummings (Screaming Weenies)
Jeff Hyslop (Actor)
Max Reimer (Vancouver Playhouse)
Bill Millerd (Arts Club)
Jeffrey Straker (Musician)
Amanda Luv & Mz Adrien (Drag Queens)
Ken Cooleen (Vancouver Pride Society)
Tim Stevenson (Vancouver City Councillor)
Spencer Herbert (MLA)
Ellen Woodsworth (Vancouver City Councillor)
Ryan Clayton (Youth Activist)
Dan Kurtz and Martina Sorbara (Dragonette)
Jennifer Breakspear (Qmunity)
John Crossen (Cartoonist)
Anne Uebelacer (Square Dance Caller)
Helen Kennedy (EGALE)
James Chamberlain (GALE)
David Swan (AIDS Vancouver)
David Blue (Author and Director)
Willi Zwozdesky (Vancouver’s Men Chorus)



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