Body–Scan: Sweet Gyre explores the human body

East meets west as two of Canada’s most exciting and provocative dance artists, Vancouver’s Su-Feh Lee and Montreal’s Benoit Lachambre, join forces with Juno Award-winning musician Jesse Zubot to explore the human body in Body–Scan: Sweet Gyre.

Body–Scan: Sweet Gyre explores the human body“The piece is about looking at the body in a holistic way, with the environment, the senses, the psyche and in recognizing the environment and how it influences everything,” explains Lachambre.

Both long-time dancers, Lachambre and Lee have been working with the concept of body energy for many years now, something that has become an integral part of what they do as dancers and choreographers.

“Scanning the body and finding the gyre – the essential energy of ch’i – is a common denominator in all my work and for Su-Feh as well since she started doing martial arts and dance,” says Lachambre.

Originally created in 2008, Lachambre says that the six dancers in the original piece didn’t allow as in-depth a look at how energy turns in the body.

“With six dancers we didn’t look that deep,” admits Lachambre.  “This new version [with two dancers] allows us to deepen the exploration of the forces, senses and sensations around the gyre”.

While a truly international process, the piece was created and originally performed on two continents, Lachambre points to both the cultural differences and the similar interest in human energy that allows the two choreographers to be successful together.  Part of that cultural difference for Lachambre includes being a gay man; a part of him he acknowledges plays a definite role in his creative process.

“My idea of gender gets more easily bended,” says Lachambre to the influences he brings to his work as a gay man.  “I like gender bending to a certain extent.  I would say that the way I approach the body sexually is a very active – both of our sexualities actually – Lee as a heterosexual woman and me as a gay man.  Through our work we explore how we deal with our sexual beings, opening our bodies to express itself freely and without having to restrain our identities.”

Body-Scan: Sweet Gyre
Scotiabank Dance Centre, 677 Davie Street, Vancouver
14 – 16 February 2013

Su-Feh Lee of Vancouver’s battery opera performance and Benoît Lachambre of Montreal’s Par B.L.eux, join forces with Juno Award-winning musician Jesse Zubot to explore the human body in a bold new work, Body–Scan: Sweet Gyre. Scanning the body and mining the minutiae of our everyday lives, the piece magnifies familiar senses into a shifting landscape through which personal histories, memories and desires pass. Lee and Lachambre are internationally acclaimed for their rigorous, daring and theatrical work, and this is a rare opportunity to see these two riveting performers on stage, together with Zubot who performs an original score created alongside the choreography.

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