Boy Meets Boy has been a four year labour of love for Mike Azevedo


Charles Zuckerman and Mike Azevedo in a scene from Boy Meets Boy.

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Vancouver actor and filmmaker Mike Azevedo is reaching the end of a four-year journey as he gets set for the world premiere of his new film short Boy Meets Boy.

A local television and movie actor, the 42-year old Azevedo decided it was time to start creating his own work.  Taking part in Crazy8s, the annual Vancouver filmmaking event that challenges moviemakers to create a film in just eight days, it was there that Azevedo met Simona Atias who would go on to write the screenplay for his film.

“I met Simona through that festival and invited her to come on board as a producer and writer,” he explains.  “I had the idea and she tweaked it and wrote the script.”

Boy Meets Boy tells the story of Vincent, played by Azevedo, a seemingly normal guy looking for the perfect mate.  Turning to the online world to find “the one”, his eye catches the profile of Steven and he decides to take a chance and go on a date.

Describing his film as “The Shining meets Black Swan without the dancing”, Azevedo is coy about revealing too much in the fear of spoiling some of the surprises in the film. “It is somewhat violent in an emotional way,” he reveals.

What Azevedo says many will consider an art film, the movie is shot with a minimum of dialogue.

“There are a lot of emotions with not a lot of dialogue, but you can feel what the characters are going through,” says Azevedo.  “It is filmed with a white and blue tint and a little bit of colour including red that represents terror and the confusion and love.”

Funded through an Indiegogo campaign that ultimately surpassed its goal, it also attracted the attention of Academy Award-winning writer (Milk) and LGBT activist Justin Lance Black

“He is my mentor and I look up to him and inspired by him,” says Azevedo. “I would talk to him back and forth, and he pushed me to believe in myself and go forward. He made a donation and then I asked him if I could use his name on the film and at the end there is a special thank you.  That he allowed me to attach his name to the film was really surreal.”

Filmmaker Mike Azevedo

Filmmaker Mike Azevedo

After raising the necessary funds to complete the project, Azevedo says the shoot was completed in just 24 hours with a volunteer cast and crew of fifty.

“We filmed a year and half go and then we had to do all the editing and the sound and technical stuff,” he says.

Included in his team of volunteers were some local heavyweights including director Jonathan MacPherson who works on the locally shot Once Upon a Time television series and cinematographer Rob Crone, who worked on Rise of the Planet of the Apes film earlier this year.

Azevedo co-stars alongside film and television actor Charles Zuckerman (in photo above with Azevedo) and Andy Thompson, Artistic Director of The Virtual Stage.

Now back after post-production to market the film, Azevedo and his husband John are busy shopping the ten-minute short to film festivals around the world and planning an invite-only red carpet premiere that will take place in Vancouver in December.  The film will also screen as part of the Whistler Pride celebrations in January.

“It has been a lot of work, but in the end it has been very rewarding,” says Azevedo.  “It is a labour of passion and hard work from everyone involved. I wanted to not only showcase what I’ve done, but I also want to showcase the amazing talent we have in BC.”

As Azevedo talks passionately about his project, he is grateful for the help he has received along the way.

“I have had some amazing people to push me,” he says.  “It has been rewarding and challenging and four years later here it is; I’m ready to share it with the world.”

Perhaps not surprisingly, Azevedo dedicates the film to “all the boys in the world”.

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