Finding love in Vancouver

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For one member of Burn The Floor, Vancouver is more than just another stop on the tour.  For Robin Windsor, Vancouver now has an even bigger meaning as it was back in 2008, during their last visit to Vancouver, where Windsor fell in love.

Burn The Floor“Its just perfect,” said Robin (pictured right with cast member Gisele).  “He has changed my whole life and I love him very much.  It’s amazing to travel the world doing what you love to do with who you love.”

Who is this man that stole Robin’s heart?  He’s not telling saying his new boyfriend is a little shy and leaves it to us to guess who it might be (hint: in case you haven’t figured out at least this much, he is another member of the Burn The Floor cast).

But falling in love isn’t the only thing that has happened to Windsor and the rest of the cast of Burn The Floor since the last time they visited Vancouver.  After leaving Vancouver, the show spent several months in San Francisco, did a small tour back in Australia, all in preparation for their Broadway debut.

The Broadway run, originally scheduled to last three months was extended for seven and even managed to break some box office records at the Longacre theatre.

“It was the most amazing time for all of us,” said Windsor.  “It was, however, also the hardest time with the pressure on twenty-four-seven.”

But for Windsor and the cast, the dream of playing Burn The Floor on Broadway “was worth every second”.  And it is this Broadway show that will be coming to Vancouver when it opens on April 13th for a six night run at the Vogue.

According to Windsor the show has seen quite a makeover.

“There have been many changes to the show since we last visited Vancouver,” said Windsor.  “There are new numbers and new dancers including from the United States version of So You Think You Can Dance, Artem Chigvintsev and Karen Hauer.   We wanted to have everything just right to take to NYC and this will be the show that we will be bringing to Vancouver ‘direct from Broadway’”.

As for the ongoing interest in ballroom, certainly shows like SYTYCD and Dancing With the Stars have great spin-off value for shows like Burn The Floor.  In fact, in the latest edition of Dancing With the Stars, a former Burn The Floor cast member joins the television show as dance partner to Canada’s very own Pamela Anderson.

Hoping for a little gossip from the Dancing With the Stars set, Robin remained tight lipped.  “He’s [Damian Whitewood] been very busy right now so not much gossip…  All I know is they are working great together and she is an amazing person and doting Mum.   We are all so proud of him.”

Coming back to Vancouver will always have a special place now in Windor’s heart, but not just because Vancouver is “the most beautiful place”.  Instead, Vancouver will always be remembered as the place where he found love.

“The highlight of my last visit to Vancouver was walking away with a boyfriend, so you could say Vancouver is my lucky for love city.  Whenever someone mentions Vancouver that’s what will always spring to mind.”

Burn the Floor
Vogue Theatre
13 – 18 April 2010

Burn the Floor will heat up the stage at the Vogue Theatre with tickets ($59 – $89) on sale to the general public on February 6th through or by phone at 604–280-4444.

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