Cherry Bomb comes to Canadian television

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The Brit, the Comic, the Humanitarian, and the Earth Mother.  Sounds like an eclectic mix and so it is with the four women of Cherry Bomb who make their debut on OUTtv on July 15th.

Cherry BombActually going into their third year with the show, this is the first time for Cherry Bomb on Canadian television and they are promising that unlike most other U.S. imports, Canadian women will not go ignored.  But then again, there can’t be THAT much different between Canadian and U.S. women and from the list of topics the ladies will be tackling this year we are sure there will be something to please everyone.

We spent some time with the women of Cherry Bomb to find out more about this U.S. import, what a Canadian audience can expect and to meet the four sexy dynamos that are the show.

Tell us about Cherry Bomb – what is it all about?

This talk fest puts a sexy lesbian twist on the four person talk show format similar to ‘The View’.  You feel like a fly on the wall in a private conversation between the best of friends. Is it okay to fake the big “O”?  Date a friend’s ex?  How do you introduce toys? The four opinionated ladies of Cherry Bomb! tackle these topics, and much more with shocking candor and humor. Casual candlelight and plenty of wine set a warm and comfortable scene to debate sex, love, and navigating the world of women who love women.

What’s with the name?

We wanted a name that would spark a lot of imagery, with some sex appeal.  We tossed around some various ideas, and Nikki Caster, one of the shows four hosts threw cherry bomb into the fray.  We all liked it.  Cherries bring to mind women, sensuality, and sweetness; and Cherry Bomb firecrackers are explosive… all of those things are exactly what you get when you put these four dynamic ladies in a room and give them some wine and a juicy topic.

Who are the women of Cherry Bomb?

Tatum De Roeck, founder of the lesbian social group, The Hiking Hunnies, can be counted on for a dose dry British humor, an adorable accent, and a sense of adventure.

Gloria Bigelow is a hilarious comic who approaches tough subjects with a delicate touch and razor sharp wit, leaving all those around her rolling with peals of laughter.

Nikki Caster is a groovy free spirit.  This astrologically savvy humanitarian has traveled the world working with Mother Theresa.

Dalila Ali Rajah is a sexy earth mother diva.  She’s known to take a whirl on the dance floor, a couple shots of patron, and give a faerie card reading all in the same hour!

Were you friends before the show?

Gloria Bigelow and Dalila Ali Rajah have been best friends since college, and Bethany Landing and Tatum DeRoeck have been best friends for just as long.  Dalila met Nikki Caster while she was working on a pilot for another show, and immediately thought of her when she was casting for the fourth host.

How did the group come together?

Dalila Ali Rajah came up with idea almost three years ago when she was going through what co-host, Tatum De Roeck, dubbed as her lesbian adolescence. That period of time when you’re getting to know yourself as a queer woman, and trying to see how you fit in the community. In multiple conversations with her and Gloria Bigelow she kept saying “we should do a show where we talk about these issues”.

There was nothing out there to help young queer women through this stuff.  She wanted varying opinions, and thought a format similar to “The View” would work best.  Gloria and Tatum were a given, and she thought Nikki’s energy would be a great fit to stir things up.

The show is described as a lesbian version of The View – who do you identify with from that show?

Nikki – “If I had to pick one, I’d say Barbara Walters because we both have a very healthy sex drive…”

Tatum – “I want to say Meredith Vieria cause I’d like to think I’m smart….This question would be much easier if Rachel Maddow was on The View.”

Gloria – “Elizabeth.  … If she weren’t conservative… AND a social dinosaur… AND a linguistically opportunistic right wing panderer.  Yep…I’m TOTALLY Elizabeth.”

Dalila – “If Meredith and Whoopi had a love child that was raised by Star Jones I’d be something like that…”

What topics will you cover in this new season?

Commitment issues, bisexuality, gender roles, sexual satisfaction, open relationships, coming out, interracial dating and tons more…

Are there any topics that are taboo?

We haven’t come across it yet.

Now that you will be appearing on OUTtv will you be featuring any Canadian content?

Each month one of the hosts will be answering viewer questions via video on OUTTv’s website.

When does the show air in Canada?

The show premieres on OUTtv July 15th with a new episode each Wednesday at 7pm ET / 4pm PT.  Check for the complete schedule.

Meet the women of Cherry Bomb

Tatum De RoeckTatum De Roeck has an eclectic background as an actor, a mop seller, a news radio anchor, a wine sampler and a techie spokesperson. She coordinates a lesbian social group called “The Hiking Hunnies”. She encourages girls to picnic in Malibu and jump in waterfalls. Tatum also coordinates a wide variety of events that don’t involve hiking, but do involve drinking. She delights in opinions and can talk about lesbianism for days.
Dalila Ali RajahDalila Ali Rajah is Cherry Bomb’s creator, and produces the show with Bethany Landing. She is a wonderful mixture of sandalwood, cinnamon, and cayenne pepper. Whether she is lighting up the stage with her mesmerizing dance moves or her critically acclaimed acting skills, she is simply a joy to watch. She is an actress, published poet, dancer, and spoken word artist. This Renaissance woman, and mother of a beautiful 6 year old daughter also paints and life-coaches; providing insightful intuitive guidance through her Faerie Card Readings and energetic healing work.
Nikki CaterNikki Caster brings creativity, an open-mind, and a free-spirit to all of her personal and professional endeavors. Her passion for astrology, athletics, and communication presents an individual who is excited to be social glue. She connects people to people, people to ideas, and people to opportunity. Nikki has worked with Mother Teresa and the Missionaries of Charity, and truly enjoys connecting and helping those less fortunate. She also makes a mean cocktail.
Gloria BigelowSubtle, disarming, and clever- Gloria Bigelow is a refreshing new comic who doses out humor in bite sized chunks – easy for the listener to swallow but real nonetheless. She recently was recently nominate for the NewNextNow Comic Brink of Fame Award, and appeared in Here! TV’s Hot Gay Comics and Andrea Meyerson’s Laughing Matters Next Gen. Coming to comedy from a background of acting she is an excellent observer of life and a natural improviser. She gleefully tackles issues from Low Lesbian Esteem to Standard Lesbian Practice with a delicate touch and razor sharp wit.

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