Darcy Michael is one skinny bitch

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In what he claims as a Canadian first, Ladner-based gay comedian Darcy Michael’s new stand-up comedy special, Darcy Michael: One Skinny Bitch, is available exclusively online today.

Darcy Michael: One Skinny BitchModeled after the success of U.S. comedians such as Louis CK, Michael claims to be the first Canadian comedian to release his new special online, allowing him to connect directly with his fans and making it affordable.

“Louis CK paved the way for a new kind of release proving to me and others that the internet hasn’t ruined the ability for an artist to earn money.  If anything its proven there is more opportunity now than ever. And of course, the real benefit is I don’t have to have 5,000 copies of a DVD sitting in my living room waiting for the cats to pee on them.”

Filmed on location at Yuk Yuks in Toronto this past February, the special draws on material from Michael’s life and will feature favourite stories and jokes but also more serious topics such as his remarkable transformation after losing more than 100 pounds in the last couple of years.

Acknowledging the risk in changing his looks so drastically, Michael says he has not experienced any negatives.

“I made the decision almost two years ago that if I lost the weight and people didn’t dig my comedy anymore I’d be just as happy working being healthy and working at Starbucks,” said Michael. “So far the [Starbucks] application is still sitting in my filing cabinet so I guess people are still into me.”

And with its modest $3 fee to download, he says it isn’t about the money.

“It’s not like my kid needs new braces or anything … oh wait shit, ok maybe we should have charged more?” said Michael.  “… I wanted it to be affordable. My main goal isn’t making money here; it’s making it available to my old fans and hopefully some new ones too.  Especially if they’re hot.”

In addition to the launch of his special, Michael will soon be seen on the big screen in Rapturepalooza (no release date yet) and in the sequel to the Christmas classic A Christmas Story set to be released in December.  He is also currently taping The Skinny with Darcy Michael, a new comedy talk show in Winnipeg.

When not honing his comedy craft, Michael can be found obsessively knitting.

“I’m a fidgety person and I wanted to find a way to chill out and watch a movie without getting up every two seconds to go water a plant or clip my toenails, so I started knitting,” said Michael..  “And from there the obsession was born. I have tons of scarves piling up at the house – the cats love it. Right now I’m knitting a bowtie. This is the real reason why people have to buy the download, I need more wool.”

Darcy Michael: One Skinny Bitch is available for download for a $3 charge from http://www.darcymichael.com.

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