Darcy Michael is skinnier, bitchier and gayer

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We last heard from funny man Darcy Michael around this time last year when he was looking to flog his show at the Queer Arts Festival.  Nearly a year to the day he’s back again with his new show, Darcy Michael: The Gayest Show on Earth; Part Deux, Even Gayer which plays as part of the Queer Arts Festival on July 26.

Darcy Michael: The Gayest Show on Earth; Part Deux, Even GayerAs with last year’s interview we’ll just let Darcy’s answers speak for themselves.

Tell us about your new show – what can audiences expect?

To steal from Big Brother, expect the unexpected! I’m really pushing the boundaries of my own comfort with this show this year.  By that I mean, I’m doing wearing a ball gag and that’s about it. So if you’ve seen me at the Junction, this shouldn’t be anything new to you.

You’re billing this as a Part Deux. Sounds almost like a sequel to your show last year. How do we know it won’t be another Hangover Part II?

Last year I named the show that sarcastically, it was just me and a microphone and some over-sharing.  This year I really mean it, it is going to be the gayest show I’ve ever been apart of … well besides that one internet show that I did a few years back. That was pretty gay. Come to think of it, I think that’s how I got the clap.

We hear you’re doing drag in the show this year – is this something new for you?  Why drag?

I’ve only ever done drag once in my life. This is going to be the second and most likely the last. I’m calling it Hasty Drag. I’ll literally have about 3 minutes to tuck my junk, throw on some rouge and fall flat on my face.

How difficult will it be for you to shave?

This is the Hasty Drag part. I can’t shave my beard because of something I’m filming later that week, but we have plans to deal with it. (read: my drag queen is a lesbian)

You’ve got some great back-up on stage this year – tell us about how you went about getting others involved in the show.

Every conversation I had with the performers this year took place in bars at very drunken hours. Turns out they are all very easy to lock into a show, getting into bed on the other hand took a whole lot more chatting (and rufies). Except for Ryan Steele, that little tramp is still locked up in my closet and he will be until show time.

Is there anyone that you asked to be part of the show and they said no?

Yes. A whole bunch!  That’s why I’m stuck with these fucking schmucks. I’m kidding, every one I asked said yes. Again, except for that bitch Ryan Steele.

The show is going to be filmed for “future broadcast” – can you give us any more details?

There is an independent production company filming the show and behind the scenes to include alongside my upcoming DVD taping in the fall. Also it gives me an excuse to film performers in the change rooms. Internet porn is booming.

You sound like a busy guy – preparing for the stand-up show, a couple films, a television pilot – has this been a particularly busy year?

It’s been insane. I love it! My only complaint is when I have to leave Vancouver. It’s the greatest city in the world, I love it here, I don’t ever want to leave. And by Vancouver, I mean the weed here.

You’re also involved in a couple of movies including Lloyd the Conquerer where your character is “Unicorn”.  Does that mean you literally play a unicorn?

Yes. I’m literally a Unicorn. In this movie and a second one. That’s right, I’m a unicorn in two movies. I can’t wait to be typecast forever as a unicorn.

What’s Lloyd about and when will it be released?

Lloyd is about Larping, Live Action Role Play, basically a game virgins play. It’s about guys that play it. I’m one of them. I’m a unicorn. Stop mocking me. It’s being released later this year. I don’t really know the details, I don’t open those emails.

You’re also involved with Rapture Palooza scheduled to be released next year – tell us about that movie.

Rapture is hilarious – basically about the rapture! Stars Craig Robinson & Anaa Kendrick. Super fun. I play a stoner wraith! Another proud moment for my parents

What’s been the highlight since talked to you in July last year?

Everything! Seriously, I’m having the time of my life here. And the drugs keep getting better.

Any updates for us – http://www.gayvancouver.net/69-seconds-with/69-seconds-with-comedian-darcy-michael

Still highly recommend that doob at Sunset Beach.  Ah fuck it, go to wreck and get wrecked.

You’re looking a little trimmer – have you lost weight?

I’m down 57 lbs as of yesterday!

What’s next for Darcy Michael?


Darcy Michael: The Gayest Show on Earth; Part Deux, Even Gayer
Roundhouse Community Centre
Tuesday, July 26, 2011 @ 9pm

Join Darcy as he takes us for a year in a review of his life, your life and everything in between. Joined by some of Vancouver’s top queer performers – Darcy will be taking the audience for a wild and hilarious ride into pride! Visit http://queerartsfestival.com for more information.

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