Darcy Michael might be lazy but he is also very funny

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We admit it – time, distance, conflicting schedules sometimes means we do our interviews by email.  For the most part we do try to finesse them into something more than a simple Q&A.  But with funny man Darcy Michael, who is set to play the Queer Arts Festival on July 27th, his answers were so hilarious we decided to let them speak for themselves.  It is really possible to play the straight man (no pun intended) to someone on the other end of an email?

Darcy MichaelLadner resident Darcy Michael is widely considered one of Canada’s rising stars of comedy who has taken comedy out of the closet.  After his successful debut at the Montreal Just for Laughs festival in 2009, Darcy went on to film his first national stand up special for CTV and The Comedy Network which aired last month. In the fall of 2008 he recorded his first CD in conjunction with XM Radio called: “You’re Gay Now.”

You are doing a one man show at this year’s Queer Arts Festival in Vancouver – what can audiences expect?

Audiences that have seen me before can expect the same ambivalence and laziness they’ve come to know. New audience members will learn just how lazy and ambivalent someone can be. That and a whole lot of dirty gay talk!

What led you to comedy?

My husband Jer wanted me out of the house more.

Did you consciously decide to do comedy around being gay?

I couldn’t see a way around it, I knew I was just going to tell stories about me and my life and that’s a pretty decent chunk of it

Your comedy also revolves around getting high but I understand that there is a serious side to your marijuana use.

About 5 or 6 years ago I was prescribed marijuana to help me combat rheumatoid arthritis & fibromyalgia. Or at least that’s what i paid the doctor to put on the form.

Do you think doing comedy with gay content harder than any other type of comedy?

Comedy is hard regardless of what material you do but there definitely have been times when I’m standing on stage in somewhere like Red Deer or Kelowna scared shitless. But it wouldn’t be any fun any other way. I like scaring me some cowboys, it’s kinda sexy.

What has the reaction been to your brand of comedy? Have you received any negativity from audiences?

I love my fans, they are good people with a great sense of humor obviously. I’ve been lucky I guess that I relate to the audience well and they dig it. The ones that don’t are probably too scared of catching the gay to bother with me.

Your special just aired on CTV, what was that experience like for you taping the show?

We taped the special almost 2 years ago, and with my stoner memory it’s hard to remember it all. I remember just before going out on stage thinking: don’t piss yourself and the next thing I know it was done and I hadn’t pissed myself. All in all a good day indeed!

Do you consider the CTV show a milestone in your career? How will you top it?

It was most definitely a milestone, fuck for all I know it could be the last thing you see of me. Lol How will I top the special? Just wait and see…we’ve got some pretty fun stuff brewing up.

What does your husband think of your comedy?

He’s just glad I’m out of the house, gives him a chance to visit his boyfriends.

Will you ever bring your daughter to one of your shows?

Nope. She knows the deal, when she’s 30 she can watch the censored stuff :0

What’s next for Darcy Michael?

A nap.

The Gayest Show on Earth
Queer Arts Festival
27 July 2010 @ 9pm

Comedian Darcy Michael will unleash a no-holds-barred stand up comedy show featuring riffs on everything from gay marriage to suicidal suburbia.  Tickets $10.  More information at www.darcymichael.com or http://www.prideinart.ca/2010/.

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