Don’t Quit Your Gay Job takes to the ice in season openers

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Just in time for those certain games happening in February, those funny “we’ll try anything” guys take to the ice in the first two episodes of season two of OUTtv’s Don’t Quit Your Gay Job.

Don't Quit Your Gay Job Season 2Filmed in Vancouver and starring locals Sean Horlor and Rob Easton, Don’t Quit Your Gay Job pits the two friends against each other as they try to master a variety of different “jobs”. Season one saw them doing everything from catwalk modelling to driving buses to becoming drag queens.

“By the time we were done filming season one it felt like we were standing on the tip of an iceberg.” said Horlor. “There are so many jobs we still need to explore with the show. You’ll be in for some real big surprises in our second season. That said, if you follow the iceberg metaphor, that means Rob and I are probably the Titantic. And for the record: I am totally the Kate Winslet of that equation.”

Season two of Don’t Quit Your Gay Job begins on OUTtv February 15th with the boys taking on curling, followed by hockey on February 22nd.

“These episodes are our tribute to winter sport and that particular event that’s happening in February in Vancouver that we cannot mention because of strict trademark rules,” explained Easton. “You get to see us try two sports neither of us have done much of. I discovered why hockey is so popular in this country. Pucking and scoring figure greatly in what we do in that one. Curling … well, the best part about curling is the beer drinking. Oh and the kicking of Sean’s ass … though I seem to be the one falling on his the most”.

And for those that might have missed the first season or simply cannot get enough of Sean and Rob battling out for job supremacy the six episodes from their freshman year is now available on iTunes.

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