Duo of LGBTQ films set to play Vancity Theatre

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While two films do not a film fest make, thanks to the programmers at the Vancity Theatre a duo of LGBTQ movies will screen over the next couple of weeks, including the award winning Canadian feature Cloudburst and the Italian documentary Italy: Love It or Leave It.

The Vancity Theatre presents Cloudburst and Italy: Love It or Leave ItAn award-winner at film festival’s around the world and one of the most popular films at the Vancouver International Film Festival in 2011, Thom Fitzgerald’s road movie, Cloudburst, mixes comedy with a touching treatment of serious themes.

Cloudburst stars Olympia Dukakis as foul-mouthed lesbian, Stella, who isn’t about to let her lover of 31 years, Dot, be carted off to an old folks’ home without a fight.  With a plan to perpetrate a daring rescue and flee to Canada to get married, the twosome must not only sneak across the border they must also escape Dot’s prudish granddaughter and her cop husband.

In Italy: Love It or Leave It, which audiences may remember from last year’s DOXA Film Fest, partners in both life and filmmaking Luca Ragazzi and Gustav Hofer set out to find out if their country is worth sticking around for, or if the call of Berlin will win out.

Traveling in a number of vintage Fiats as they crisscross Italy, the duo investigates some of the more outrageous aspects of the country they call home. A sometimes funny, sometimes shocking road trip, the documentary was made just in time for Italy’s 150th anniversary as a nation in 2011 and helps to prove that the ridiculousness that is often times synonymous with North America can be found elsewhere in the world.

Cloudburst (March 15 – April 1)
Italy: Love It Or Leave It (March 22 – April 4)
Vancity Theatre, 1181 Seymour Street, Vancouver

Visit http://www.viff.org for tickets and information.

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