Flaming poetry slam makes debut in the village

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On January 4th a new kind of poetry took the Davie Village by storm.  But this is not the poetry of Browning, Yeats or cummings and you can be certain the words of Tennyson, Dickinson and Frost were not uttered that night.  Instead, this is what organizer, or Slam Master if you will, Mr Gay Vancouver XXX Aedan Saint calls “Flaming Slam Poetry”.

Davie Village Flaming Poetry Slam“This is audience participation spoken word performance,” said Saint. “It’s not just dry poetry being read from a book.  The poems are topical, impassioned and often quite hilarious.”

And if that weren’t enough to get you interested, perhaps knowing that, maybe not all that surprisingly, Flaming Slam Poetry follows its own drummer by not only offering up the traditional slam poetry accoutrements, but also offers a bevy of drag performers, guest DJs, alternative feature poets and more than a few surprises.

“We offer a few extra entertainment inches,” declared Saint. “After all, sometimes a girl needs a little something extra!”

For those that might not be familiar with the poetry slam concept, it is actually quite structured with its own set of international rules.  All poetry slam competitions require poets to perform a poem of their own, of any style, within three minutes without the aid of props or music.  Five randomly selected audience members become the judges and score them from zero to ten.  Poets with the highest scores after two rounds are the winners.

Prior to the start of the Davie Village Poetry Slam, the Vancouver Poetry Slam, operating out of Café Deux Soleils on Commercial Drive, was the only game in town and have been operating since 1996.

Saint has been the timekeeper for Vancouver Poetry Slam since last April and is affectionately known as the “Rat Bastard” by that group.  A fan of other spoken word performance series in town, he decided to take his passion for the spoken word art form and use the Mr. Gay Vancouver XXX title to not only advance it, but expand the number of representative poets from the Vancouver area by creating another certified venue and poetry slam team.  The Davie Village Poetry Slam was born soon after with, according to Saint, the help of the J Lounge, The Svelte Ms. Spelt – Angus Adair, and a great deal of support from the Vancouver Poetry Slam family.

Ultimately Saint tells us that he plans to send a team from the Davie Village Poetry Slam to the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word in October but in the meantime invites other Poetry Slammers and audience members to their monthly Village Poetry Slam.

Davie Village Flaming Poetry Slam – Cupid’s A Bastard Episode
Thursday, 4 February 2010 @ 8pm
J Lounge, 1216 Bute Street

Visit http://www.flamingpoetryslam.com for more information.

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