From YouTube to the boob tube: Josh Rimer brings The Sassy Scoop to OUTtv


From YouTube the boob tube: Josh Rimer brings The Sassy Scoop to OUTtv

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There is little doubt viewing habits have changed since Netflix and YouTube came onto the scene. But even as more and more people look to alternatives for their home entertainment, cable television still remains the number one choice for eyeballs. Is it any wonder then that Vancouver YouTube personality Josh Rimer is excited about having just penned a deal with the nationally broadcast OUTtv for his internet series The Sassy Scoop.

Each approximately three minute episode of The Sassy Scoop consists of Rimer’s usually irreverent take on a viral video that is currently trending online such as the recent Naked Man Eating on a Sidewalk, or his equally sassy top ten lists that have included things like the Top Ten Ways to Come Out of the Closet. And while he has covered a wide range of topics with his videos over the years, Rimer does admit that he is now on the look-out for viral videos and topics that the LGBTQ community might find more interesting.

“I take a look at different websites, blogs and social media to see what is going viral and if something catches my attention as being funny I give my reaction to it,” explains Rimer of his viral video spots. “The top ten lists are just things I make up”.

For Brad Danks, COO of OUTtv it was all about a great fit between the station and RImer’s personality.

“Our brand is fun, engaging and sassy, just like Josh,” says Danks. “Sassy Scoop will be available on the network, online and on the GayDirect service on Youtube. We use Youtube and other online platforms to develop talent and at the same time increase our level of engagement with our audience. We see Josh as a great person to help us do that.”

Given full control with a couple of caveats, Rimer’s videos will appear on OUTtv during commercial breaks throughout the day and will continue to be seen by his 19,000 subscribers on his popular YouTube channel.

“The only restrictions are that they can’t be too sexually suggestive, racial or offensive. But my parents watch my videos so I already have a built in censor,” he laughs.

An open ended contract, Rimer says the executives at OUTtv will review how things are going in a year’s time with a thought to turning it into a full show, rather than as just as filler between other shows.

“I kind of like how the videos are being show right now because they air multiple times a day, so there is a lot of exposure,” he says, although the thought of these short comedy pieces turning into something more will make his years of cultivating a following on YouTube all worth it.

You find The Sassy Scoop online or throughout the day on OUTtv (check your local cable service provider for more information).

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