In search of love among the Bomb Girls

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Talk about cutting it close.  One day before the final episode of Bomb Girls was to air last February, word finally came that the show had been renewed.  Almost a year later, the story of four women working in a Canadian munitions factory during World War II is about to get underway again, including its continuing storyline of Betty McRae, the factory worker who has fallen in love with another of the girls.

Ali Liebert stars as Betty McRae in Bomb GirlsPlaying McRae is Surrey-born Ali Liebert who, though identifying as straight, is no a stranger to playing Lesbian having appeared as one in both The L Word and in the romantic comedy The Year of the Carnivore.

“No, I’m not at all worried,” laughed Liebert at the suggestion that she is being typecast as a Lesbian.  “The L Word was my very first gig and that was kind of cool.  I am very, very excited to have the honor to portray Betty.”

On the phone from Los Angeles back in February, Liebert talked about the success of Bomb Girls, what might lie ahead, and the surprising inspiration she used in creating the character of Betty.

“It was weird and it may sound totally out there, but I had seen many of James Deans’ films and when I was auditioning for Betty his persona just came into my mind,” she recalled.  “I got a lot of my physical references from him.  I found a particular body for her that is very unlike my own and he just popped into my head.  He was more of a physical inspiration.”

Physical inspirations aside, Liebert also called on her British grandmother for help in understanding what it was like living through the London bomb raids of WWII, but it wasn’t until they met a couple of real life bomb girls during a special screening of the show at the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa that she knew they had something special.

“One of those women was only 15 when she signed up and it was really incredible to have been able to meet them. The nicest thing of all was they felt Bomb Girls represented them truthfully.”

Thinking about what might be in store for Betty in season two, Liebert was hopeful that Betty would find love: “Like anyone in the world I would love to see Betty find love and to have that love reciprocated.  That would be exciting for her.  Whether it is with Kate or someone else, I’m rooting for her, hoping her heart doesn’t harden and she gets some tender experiences that are not unrequited.”

With little advance press on what to expect this season, no doubt fans will be eagerly tuning in to find out if Betty does indeed find love.

Bomb Girls

Season two begins airing on Global television on January 2, 2013.  Check your local listings for exact times.  You can get caught up with full episodes of season one available online at

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