Josh Beamish is selling out

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Local gay choreographer and Artistic Director for Move: the company, Josh Beamish, is taking an unusual approach to funding his latest show Sold Doubt through the sale of movements in the show and even product placements.

Sold DoubtIn what he is describing as a “contemporary dance rock concert”, Beamish’s Sold Doubt is performed to instrumental renditions of iconic rock group No Doubt’s greatest hits.

“Blending high-octane physicality with witty theatrics, the piece plays on public perceptions of the popular music industry and an exploration of society’s addiction to the idols it creates and then disposes”, explained Beamish.

Further proving that Beamish and his company continue to break the rules in dance, in addition to ticket sales, the company has devised a sponsorship campaign to “sell off” the movements of the show.  Beamish has choreographically structured the show like a rock concert allowing potential patrons to fund or “buy” a particular song or theatrical segment through to buying an entire act or even having a product placed directly in a scene.

“This is the way of the future and I’m not afraid to take chances and really push the boundaries of how dance is presented in Vancouver”, says Beamish. “This campaign is a fitting way to engage the local community, and actively demonstrate a tongue-in-cheek nod to our subject. If a work exploring “selling out” in the entertainment industry can’t get public creation funding, then are the arts not put in the same position as any other corporate sponsor dependent market? How long will it be before you start seeing dancers on stage plastered in logos like race car drivers?”

Sold Doubt
Vancouver Playhouse
9 & 10 July 2010

Using No Doubt as a platform to explore society’s greater addiction to the idols we create – and then dispose of – the work juxtaposes the power of the fans against the power of the suits. The perfume ads, photo shoots, product placements, clothing lines, YouTube homages, lights, costumes and the dance, all come together to reveal a tale of a girl, her band and a shopping cart full of oranges. SOLD DOUBT features the dancers of MOVE:the company and special guest Jesse Tyler of Atlanta Ballet.

Tickets are available online at TicketWeb or by calling 1-888-222-6608. Further information on show dates, ticket prices and the company can be found at

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