Morgan Nardi explores truth and lies

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Gay choreographer Morgan Nardi helps open the Dance Centre’s Global Dance Connections contemporary dance series on September 22, 2012.  In A One M(org)an Show, the award-winning choreographer explores truth and lies inspired by artist biographies found in performance programmes.

Morgan Nardi in A One M(org)an Show“I was interested in playing with the topic of the truth and giving it new life in the fictional space of the stage,” explains Nardi. “The truth became lies and the lies became truth.  I let the spectator decide if this biography is something true or a mere lie.”

His first solo show, Nardi also takes inspiration from performance artists such as American Andrea Fraser, the instinctive need for survival and the need to be love and be loved.

“I grow thanks to the grey areas between truth and lies, which I link to the artistic and political realities of the contemporary world of today,” says Nardi.  “I’ve mixed some elements of my autobiography with facts from biographies of selected famous choreographers. At one point it was so woven that it became easy for me to play with it.”

Incorporating song, text and even stand-up comedy with dance, Nardi sees each element as a component of the whole.  “For me the strategies of dance are not the main focus of my work. But I am a choreographer and in this case dance is the media to embody the main idea and to put it forward.”

Questioning the self-presentation and authenticity of the artist and the audience, Nardi defends the right to lie and shatters the obligation to tell the truth.  By exploring French philosopher Jacques Derrida’s idea that a lie is “an intentional act involving the conscious statement of a non-truth”, Nardi agrees with Derrida that once a lie is uttered it takes on a life of its own and in essence becomes fact.

“I put in this context the idea of the self-representation of an artist telling his truth in form of a biography and questioning the presentation of the self and the authenticity required by both the audience and the art world as an entity of its own.”

Nardi’s A One M(org)an Show will be preceded the night before by fellow Dusseldorf choreographer Fabien Prioville’s Experiment on Chatting Bodies. In this new duet Prioville uses Facebook and Skype to invite people to share their music, movement, opinions, even views of their homes, to create a digitally extended live performance, in a witty examination of the impact of new technology on human communication.

A ONE M(ORG)AN SHOW from Morgan Nardi on Vimeo.

A One M(org)an Show
Saturday, 22 September at 8pm
The Dance Centre, 677 Davie Street

Tickets are available online from Tickets Tonight or by calling 604.684.2787.

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