Movie review: Kaboom – sexy doesn’t always mean smart but that’s okay

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As soft-porn goes Gregg Araki’s latest film Kaboom is as good as it gets.  Problem is, there is a whole lot of silliness involving the supernatural and the end-of-the-world that gets in the way of all the pretty people and their dogged determination to sleep with everyone around them.

Smith (Thomas Dekker) is your typical sex-constantly-on-the-mind 18 year old college student.  Along with fantasizing about his surfer roommate Thor (I kid you not) and bedding pretty much everyone that crosses his path, boy and girl alike, Smith receives an anonymously ominous note announcing him as “The Chosen One”.

Curious, or as curious as anyone could be that isn’t constantly thinking about sex, Smith and his best friend Stella (Haley Bennett) set-out to discover the meaning behind the note and the meaning behind the men in the animal masks.  I did mention the men in the animal masks, didn’t I?

Thomas Dekker, Haley Bennett and Roxane Mesquida in a scene from Greg Araki's Kaboom
Thomas Dekker, Haley Bennett and Roxane Mesquida in a scene from Greg Araki’s Kaboom

For more fun Araki throws in an odd assortment of other characters including Stella’s girlfriend Lorelei (Roxane Mesquida) who has a real problem letting go and isn’t afraid to use her supernatural powers to let her know it; and we discover that Oliver (Brennan Mejia), the latest boy to catch Smith’s eye, sports E.T. like glowing fingers.

In Kaboom Araki has an almost uncanny ability to never quite finish a complete thought before we find our hero back in the sack with someone else.  Fortunately the sex scenes are hot enough to make you want to watch to the end.  There are also a few laughs, and the film is as gorgeous to look at as the actors.

Sexy doesn’t always mean smart, but sometimes that is okay.

3 1/2 of 5 Stars Kaboom

Written and directed by Greg Araki.  86 minutes.  Starring Thomas Dekker, Haley Bennett, Juno Temple and Chris Zylka.  Unrated: contains coarse language and sexual content. Now available on DVD at

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