Our gay guide to the 2011 DOXA Documentary Film Festival

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From the rough world of skate punks to the rarified visions of Vancouver’s photo-conceptualists,
the DOXA Documentary Film Festival once again presents a diversity of documentaries
in 2011.  Among the films on offer this year are four with an LGBTQ connection.

The Wolf in Shorts
While perhaps a little light on LGBTQ content this year with three features and
one short, this year’s DOXA films with an LGBTQ connection are nonetheless
exciting and important.
Here is our guide to the LGBTQ films at the 2011 DOXA Documentary Film Festival
including trailers for each.

The 2011 DOXA Documentary Film Festival Runs May 5 – 16, 2011.  Visit
for more tickets, information and exact showtimes.

Wolf in Shorts

and i am me

Nadia Dalle Vedove and Lucia Stano | Italy, 2010 | 56 minutes
Sunday, 8 May @ 4pm
Vancity Theatre

In Italy, 100,000 children have at least one homosexual parent, and 49% of homosexual
couples want to have children according to a 2005 study undertaken by the Italian
National Institute of Health. It is also currently illegal in Italy for a same-sex
couple to adopt a child. Lucia Stano and Nadia Dalle Vedove's documentary
follows two couples who are involved, in various ways, in being a family. The Wolf in Shorts
takes a decidedly personal perspective on the issue of same-sex parenthood.

and i am me
(plays with The Wolf in Shorts)
Alison Segar | USA, 2010 | 15 minutes
Sunday, 8 May @ 4pm
Vancity Theatre

Alison Segar's charming film about her adopted son and their family is at once
intimate and childlike. The film moves easily between scenes of Julian's everyday
life and introspective conversations between Segar and her son. They play with the
conventions of the documentary interview as they trade questions about race, sexuality
and adoption. The seriousness of the subject matter is alleviated by Julian's own
playful relationship to his mother and the camera.

Took the Bomp? Le Tigre on Tour

Kerthy Fix | USA, 2010 | 69 minutes
Sunday, 8 May @ 9:15pm
Pacific Cinematheque

Emerging from the riot grrrl scene in the 1990s, Le Tigre has gone on to produce
a unique brand of "electronic feminist punk" that has revolutionized the music industry.
What began as a fun project became one of the most relevant girl bands of the last
decade. Ignoring the constrictions of both the mainstream and the underground, Le
Tigre has never believed that fun and intelligence couldn't coexist. They have demystified
electronic music, critiqued government policies and celebrated female and queer
artists, all the while dropping roller-skate jams that make everyone dance. In 2004, Le Tigre set out on a year-long world tour and the band's lighting director
filmed a combination of live performances and archival interviews mixed with backstage
silliness and meet-the-fan fiascos.

bocca del lupo
(The Mouth of the Wolf)
Pietro Marcello | Italy, 2009 | 76 minutes
Thursday, 12 May @ 9:15pm
Pacific Cinematheque

Part archeological excavation, part city symphony, and a true love story for
the ages, this modern day fairytale begins at a railway station in the historic
port of Genoa, next to the Mediterranean Sea. Enzo — a towering Sicilian man with
a thick black moustache and caustic presence, crafted seemingly from the same mold
from which movie villains are fashioned —arrives freshly out of prison. Through low-lit cobblestone streets and narrow, deteriorating alleyways, Enzo
makes his gradual way to a modest apartment in the ghetto of the old quarter. There
his lover of 20 years, Mary, a self-effacing and shy transsexual, awaits.  Later
on, in one of the most absorbing interviews ever committed to celluloid, Mary, sitting
by Enzo's side, shares in detail their extraordinary love story.

DOXA Documentary Film Festival

6 – 15 May 2011

Visit http://www.doxafestival.ca
for tickets and information.

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