Queer film to play as part of Asian Heritage Month screening

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In celebration of Asian Heritage Month, Reel Asians presents its first cross-Canada tour Sense of Wonder, a selection of thought-provoking Asian Canadian shorts from across the country. This program will be seen in four different cities this May including Vancouver and will include the queer film Rex vs Singh.

RRex vs Singhex vs Singh is a four-part drama, documentary, musical and conceptual video providing an insightful perspective on the history of homophobia and racism towards Sikhs in Vancouver, Canada. The video won the NFB Best Canadian Film Or Video Award at Reel Asian in 2009 for the artful mining of archival material, for great cast and production, and for the inspired multi-POV structure that looks at how history is interpreted and then re-interpreted.

Also included in the screening are two other Asian Canadian shorts Found and Fish in a Barrel.

Sense of Wonder
25 May 2010 @ 7pm
Pacific Cinematheque, 1131 Howe Street

Visit http://www.explorasian.org for more information.

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