Review: Burn The Floor – a sexy, energy-filled show

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Burn The Floor returns to Vancouver this week and despite finding themselves on the rather cramped Vogue Theatre stage the group still manages to give us their trademark sexy and energy-filled show.

Burn The FloorThere is little that has changed since the show was last in Vancouver back in early 2009, including its two percussionists and two vocalists that accompany the dancers.  But despite similarities to last year’s show, what really elevates Burn The Floor, and continues to make it eminently watchable, is the energy and passion that these dancers bring to the stage.

And that energy and passion is necessary to carry what is definitely a stripped down show (and at times we literally mean stripped down).  With very little to adorn the stage – a few flashing lights, some tables and chairs and the ubiquitous mirror ball – the dancers become the entire focus.  One could argue that the dance is what the show should be about anyway but this production takes it one step further by not giving the dancers anywhere to hide or anything for the audience to be distracted.

The only other set elements are a pair of risers at the back of the stage where the two percussionists, working almost as hard as the dancers, are busy keeping up with the dancers, the taped music and the two live singers.

As with last year’s show we were impressed with the integration between the percussionists, the live vocals and the taped music.  The production team has obviously got this part down perfectly as all these elements worked seamlessly.

Surprisingly I did find myself drawn to the contemporary dance more than I remember from last year including Burn For You (video below) from So You Think You Can Dance stars Pasha Kovalev and Anya Garnis.  Where I usually consider myself pretty traditional when it comes to dance (think waltz, foxtrot or quick step), this time I found myself wanting more from this contemporary side simply because it was that good.

With the continued success of shows like Dancing With the Stars and So You Think You Can Dance, it is not hard to see why Burn The Floor continues to be popular.  But while DWTS and SYTYCD may draw an audience to this live show, to be successful themselves they must deliver the goods.  Fortunately for us they do.

Burn the Floor
Vogue Theatre
13 – 18 April 2010

Burn the Floor will heat up the stage at the Vogue Theatre with tickets ($59 – $89) on sale to the general public on February 6th through or by phone at 604–280-4444.

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